Bugatti T57

The Bugatti T57, also known as Type 57 is built from 1934 to 1940 and is instrumental in that troubled by the global economic crisis Bugatti company survived. Of the Bugatti Type 57 first of four different body styles are offered: the Atalante Coupé, the Cabriolet Stelvio, Ventoux, the two-door sedan and four-door sedan Galibier. When engine is a 135-hp 3.3-liter in-line eight-cylinder engine, with the T57 has a top speed of 150 km / hr. 1936 Bugatti presented a special edition of the Type 57, the Atlantic, with a 200-hp supercharged eight-cylinder engine. Characteristic for the Atlantic Bugatti the longitudinal seam, which holds the two-part body. Look for a classic car ? Whether roadster, coupe or convertible in this web site, you can request your car buy online.