Bugatti 57 Aérolithe

The Bugatti 57 Aerolithe was presented in 1935 to the car showroom in London and Paris and is the prototype of the Bugatti Atlantic. Under the hood of a classic car 3.3 liter eight-cylinder engine works with 135 hp. Thus, the Bugatti Aerolithe accelerated to a speed of 170 km / h The special features of the car include the processing of light metal body : This is the Bugatti Aerolithe total of 1098 rivets held together. The two-door coupe has rear-hinged doors - convenient for the purpose of entry - to extend far into the roof of the Bugatti Aerolithe. Unlike the Atlantic, the Aerolithe not have arrow-shaped, but a flat grille and a slightly higher bonnet. Both the front and the rear window of the Bugatti Aerolithe, of which only one copy was built are divided. Discover at this website at the huge selection of offerings including rare vintage and historical models from the USA or France.