Autonomous Robocar at the Goodwood Hill Climb

London, 26. June 2018

For the first time, an autonomously driving car the famous "Hill Climb" at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (12. to 15. July 2018) to complete the Robocar, according to the manufacturer, Roborace the first driverless electric race car in the world.

Bales of hay, stone walls and trees

The transformers weighs about 1,350 pounds and is powered by four 135-Kilowatt electric motors that provide a system output of 500 HP. It needs to avoid on the 1.9 km long swim course obstacles such as hay Bales, stone walls and trees. A variety of Sensors is used, the result is a 360-degree model of the environment. These include Lidar, Radar, GPS, ultrasonic, and cameras. The Autonomous driving system was developed by Roborace with the special company Arrival.

Futuristic design from German Designer

Was designed the transformers for the series Roborace, in the future, Autonomous against human-driven cars to compete. Was designed the futuristic-looking vehicle of the 43-year-old German, Daniel Simon, who also worked on the Bugatti Veyron and the motorcycles in the movie Tron Legacy.

Just in time for the Goodwood anniversary

The first Autonomous Hill Climb is just right for an anniversary: since 1993, by the Duke of Richmond held the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, which celebrates 2018 25-year-old. The Festival device every year to run an exhibition of the rarest and most exciting road and racing cars from the present and the past. In the year 2017, Roborace had issued a Robocar and announced, to the legendary Hill Climb.(sl)