Bugatti 16 C Galibier

At the motor show in Los Angelas in 2009, the luxury carmaker Bugatti ago with the Bugatti 16 C Galibier, the most powerful sedan in the world. With just over 1,000 horsepower, the Bugatti can practically underline 16 C Galibier. The powerful body of precious sedan looks even more voluminous by the two-tone design and is complemented by consistent front and rear lights with LED technology. At the front of the Bugatti 16 C Galibier is adorned with the giant grille, which also characterizes other models of the brand. The car is delayed with ceramic brakes, which are intended to counteract the 16-cylinder double supercharging. To give more attention to the environmental protection, the Bugatti 16 C Galibier may be operated either with Bio - ethanol, which could rapidly reduce CO2 emissions, which do not want to be named. Similarly, wrapped about the top speed to be reached even the cloak of reticence and silence, but this is likely to pace at 390 km / h settle - the speedometer is designed to at least 420 km / h. Buyers should find the Bugatti 16 C Galibier, especially in the USA and the Middle East, as its price certainly reached new heights.