VW Passat Variant BlueMotion

Field staff for the VW Passat is as faithful business vehicle long become indispensable, as the master craftsmen since the fall of 2009, the station wagon is now available as a particularly fuel-efficient car. Fitted with a 1.6 - liter four-cylinder combination is in addition to the latest common-rail diesel technology on aerodynamics elements like optimized alloy wheels and brake energy recovery with start-stop system, the consumption of precious diesel and minimize pollutant emissions. That this is more than successful, the VW Passat BlueMotion proves with an average consumption of 4.4 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers and a CO2 rating of 114 g / km, which is crucial for a cheap road tax. Thus, the VW Passat Variant BlueMotion is a guarantee of a sphere with a very high range. With the tank capacity of 70 liters of diesel combination creates some 1,550 km without refueling and is thus in its class, over an Opel Insignia Sports Tourer or superior to the Ford Mondeo. In terms of features, the VW Passat Variant BlueMotion can be equipped with almost all the extras that will bear the VW rack, which, however, can have a negative impact on fuel consumption due to the increased weight.