Unbelievable: A petroleum company explores the fuel saving...

Munich, 28 April 2016

Just imagine the magazine "Beef" would promote a vegan lifestyle. Or Lufthansa would advise you to spend the holiday with cycling at home better. Such absurdities come as a parallel, if one hears that Shell now introduces a Spritsparmobil. Like that? No 1,000-HP super sports car, not a three-axle Monster SUV, but a tiny city car for fuel saving? The oil company seems quite hintenanzustellen back the advantage and just to think about the environment. But shut too quickly judged, because a hook is off.

Tiny, funky, funny

So, what is it? The funny-looking concept vehicle, called project M is an improved version of the 2010 developed city cars T. 25, which was developed by the company of the famous South African engineer and formula 1 engineer Gordon Murray. The only 2.50 meters long three-seater has an unconventional seating configuration: the driver sits in the middle of the vehicle, the two passengers at an angle behind it. In the trunk, 160 l fit when the rear seats are folded up, even 720 liters. To get into the front part of the passenger cabin is folded forward. The turning radius of 6.0 meters is less than a London taxi. The car is much higher than wide (1.35 meters) with 1.60 meters. So, the car would fit comfortably on a ping pong table. And how low is now the consumption? Shell does not specify the official EU consumption, but sample measurements showed 2.64 liters per 100 kilometers at a speed of 70 km/h.

Aerodynamics, engine art and...

To achieve this, the body has been optimized aerodynamic, for example, the car has rear closed wheel arches. Also the low weight of only 550 kilos contributes to fuel saving. For the drive, a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 660 CC provides CC, 45 HP and 64 nm of torque. Thus, a five-speed semi-automatic gearbox is combined. The top speed is limited to 145 km/h, for the standard Sprint takes the project M cart full 15.8 seconds. But it wasn't about Cavalier starts here yes, but the fuel savings. For the car received a special engine oil on the basis of "shell Helix ultra". The special oil to reduce CO2 emissions to less than five grams per kilometer, or five percent. So here is the rub, shell is about selling points for its engine oil. Now we understand the world again... (sl)