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Since 2002, the Volkswagen Phaeton, a four-door sedan in the luxury class, in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 mitmischte, produces and drives as new cars since the fall of 2010 in the current generation of the Dresden factory. On the drive side, there are four engines available for the VW Phaeton is available, a turbo diesel and three petrol. The six, eight and twelve-cylinder form a power range from 240 hp to 450 hp. As a six-cylinder petrol engine in the Phaeton is a V6 direct-injection FSI with 280 hp. At the capacities above the V6 FSI, a V8 and a W12 petrol engines are available to make the 335 hp and 450 hp. On the diesel front Volkswagen offers an extremely fuel-efficient V6 TDI with 240 hp with an average fuel consumption 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers. With the exception of the V6 TDI version of the Volkswagen Phaeton models are optionally available with an extended wheelbase. The top of the range, the VW Phaeton W12 has, among other things, standard seats with massage function and air-conditioning, 18 - inch alloy wheels and a multifunction steering wheel in leather and wood. The basic equipment of the VW Phaeton is the 4-corner air suspension with continuous damping control and speed-dependent and permanent all-wheel drive (4MOTION). Volkswagen offers the Phaeton in a basic version with five seats and a four-seat version with two individual seats in the rear. It offers its occupants including a draft-free working four-zone automatic air conditioning and an audio and infotainment system.

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