Lexus IS 200d

Toyota's luxury brand has since the 2010 Paris Motor Show on the Lexus IS 200d as high-quality sedan, which is sold as a base model against Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and VW Phaeton. Even the basic to the Lexus IS 200d with an extensive equipment package score against its competitors and offer up to 5 passengers very good space. Must be motorized, the Lexus IS 200d with the same 2.2 - liter common-rail diesel engine that operates in the 220d, but with "only" 150 hp (instead of 170 HP) get along. Daf ÜR the Lexus IS 200d can be operated very economically, as the sedan consumes on average just 5.1 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers and emits 134 grams of CO ² to 1,000 meters. For a luxury sedan of this size very good values ​​. Like the larger models of the IS series benefiting the Lexus IS 200d car from the 2010s with the same facelift : The new grille, headlights and a new improved instrumentation allow the sedan now appear even higher quality and more dynamic.