Toyota Estima

The Toyota Estima, better known in Germany as the Previa is a van that is produced by the Japanese manufacturer since 1990 and was sold in Germany by the year 2005 as a new car and can accommodate up to 8 passengers. In the first generation of the Toyota Estima especially the underfloor engine was a real innovation. The built-in the middle of the car, between the front and rear axle assembly, provided the Toyota Estima Van a very balanced weight distribution, so that the family van could shine especially with a very good driving performance over its competitors of the Opel Zafira, Renault Espace and Ford Galaxy. Here, relevant units such as the alternator, air conditioning and cooling elements were installed in the front of the Toyota Estima, which are operated via a flanged to the engine PTO. In the built from 2000 2nd generation of the Toyota Estima, the engine concept was designed conventional and operated the van with a diesel or gasoline engine (116 hp and 156) on the front axle. The current third generation of the Toyota Estima, built in 2006, is no longer offered for sale in Germany and can be realized only by importing a new or used car.