Opel Astra OPC #3

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The 310-HP Golf coming soon

Wolfsburg, 26 April 2016 The countdown has begun: the 35th Wörthersee meeting begins on May 4, 2016. Tens of thousands of GTI fans will celebrate a giant party for the 40th anniversary of the cult athlete...

Electric Mittelklässler is to be produced from end of 2017

Los Angeles, April 1, 2016 In the style of Apple, so in a show with loud johlendem audience, Tesla Chief Elon Musk in Los Angeles presented the model 3. The new mid-range model with electric drive rounds...

Driving Report - Seat Leon Cupra 280 Sporty model student

Sporty model student He is the most powerful production SEAT ever. Above all, sprints up to 280 PS Leon Cupra developing either as a coupe or as a compact five-door in its class all rivals on and away...