With the tree on the roof The Christmas Crash Test

The Christmas Crash Test

What happens if Nordmann fir or blue spruce are fixed with rubber strings, the ADAC has tested in a crash test. Predictable result: the tree flies.

It will not be long before the first packed the Christmas anticipation and go out them to buy their Christmas tree this year. Who here uses his car as a means of transport, should be careful, as a recent crash test by ADAC. The fixing of the Christmas tree with cords, rubber straps or expanders is insufficient.

In a simulated accident at 50 km / h, the fortified only with rubber straps on the roof tree over the hood flew forward. In a real crash would be the fir, which weighed 32 kg in the test, become a real danger. When Gegentest the Christmas tree was fixed with standard straps and remained safely on the roof.

In addition to proper mounting Motorists should also make sure that the tree top during transport back shows, so the wind can not tear off the branches. Neither forward nor aside must extend beyond branches of the vehicle. Dominated the Christmas tree more than one meter over the tail addition, it must be marked with a red flag. In addition, the driver's vision must not be affected. Also license plate, headlights, turn signals or taillights must not be covered. If the load not secured properly, threatens a fine of up to 50 euros.