With emphasis on the equipment

Brühl, 2nd may 2016

The Renault talisman Grand Tour will be on June 11, 2016 at dealerships, but already found. The Middle estate is about ten centimeters longer something else with 4.87 metres as a VW variant, reached Passat but not its capacity has 572 to 1.681 litre Renault important.

Two petrol and three diesel

The engines of the talisman Grand Tour are exactly the same as in the sedan. In addition to two Turbo petrol engines with 150 and 200 HP offered three diesel with 110, 130 and 160 HP. There are some versions optionally with dual clutch transmission EDC, there is no all wheel variants so far. For the basic price 28.950 euros to get the 110 HP diesel. So the car is around 1,000 euros cheaper than a corresponding Passat Variant. But a similar motorized Hyundai i40 is combined to have 26.790 euros, and also a comparable Opel Insignia sports tourer or Skoda super combi is cheaper in the entry.

Focus facilities

More expensive than the other importer cars and little trunk: the talisman Grand Tour looks at first glance little attractive. But the French accents in the facilities: already the basic variant life has not only an automatic climate control, a cruise control and keyless access and start system, but also a DAB audio system, a navigation system with seven inch touch screen and multi-sense driving mode selection.

Medium version with traffic sign recognition

The next higher equipment of Intens (from 33.350 euros) also features LED headlamps, the large, vertically arranged 8.7 inch touch screen, 18-inch wheels, an ambient lighting, a high-beam Assistant, a track leaving Warner and a traffic sign recognition with speed Warner. The latter system detects the currently applicable speed limit and proposes to make it touch as top speed. The Abstandstempomat, which automatically takes over the limit, is available as part of the cruising package (850 euro).

Top version with electric seat adjustment

The top version is available only for the two top engines on diesel and Otto page initial Paris (from Euro 40.750). It brings 360-degree parking assistance, rear view camera, eight-way power-adjustable front seats and Bose surround sound system. The power liftgate with foot sensor facilitates access to the trunk. Add the adaptive suspension, the 4Control four-wheel steering and driver assistants come as safety distance detectors, dead angle detectors and emergency braking assistance. All versions of Talisman Grand Tour come with a warranty of five years to the customer. (sl)