What does VW at CES 2016?

Wolfsburg, 14 December 2015

The " Consumer Electronics Show " in Las Vegas every year attracts around 150,000 visitors in the desert of Nevada. Even VW 2016 ( January 6 to 9 ) to be present again at CES. The Chief Executive Officer Dr. Herbert Diess will keep the evening before the first day of the inaugural address and talk about the latest technology of electric mobility and networking.

New concept vehicle

An all-new concept car to demonstrate the fundamental changes the car will go through in the eyes of VW in the coming years. In addition, the concept is to herald the start of a new era of affordable electric cars with a long range. The show car is to demonstrate next to the large range of new features that are made ​​possible by the increasing networking of cars.

Touch Concept goes into series production

The latest developments in display and operation will be on display at CES. So VW will show which elements are already nearing market maturity. For example, the operating units of the CES-2015 concept vehicle " Golf R Concept Touch " ?? Gesture control and more and larger displays in switchless cockpit ?? future be included in the VW model range.

The palette of VW

VW Currently has four electric or electrified vehicles in the portfolio. Pure electric drive models e-up and e - Golf with a range of 160 and 190 kilometers. As a plug - in hybrid Golf and Passat are available as GTE version. In October, VW has also announced that the next Phaeton will run on electricity and long range. Here, the Phaeton will probably share the base with Audi Q6 and Porsche Mission - E . ( mf )