Triumph Herald

A four-door Triumph Herald could not pass it by design. The body of the Triumph Herald consists of five major parts: the doors to the extensive rear end, a bulkhead with windshield, complete - one-piece vorklappbaren - Front End and the two doors. The Triumph Herald was first produced in 1959, and offered in two versions, a sedan and coupe. A year later, with the Triumph Herald convertible, a third variant. First, a 1.0 - liter four-cylinder worked with 35 hp under the hood, in 1961 the engine was enlarged to 1.2 liters and improved in performance on 39 hp. The export model of the Triumph Herald even has an output of 49 hp. All Triumph Herald was further enhanced in 1961 with a wooden dashboard and bumpers were modified. Also, a Combo model you have built between 1962 and until 1964. After about half a million manufactured models the production of the Triumph Herald was finally discontinued in 1971. Who wants to buy a new or used car, you should look at this website. Here you can find some rare English limos such as the Triumph Herald.