VW sold fewer cars

Flensburg, 4th January 2017

The new car market is buzzing: In 2016 3.35 million cars were registered in, 4.5 percent more than 2015. At almost all German brands, the statistics of the power drive Bundesamt (KBA) for 2016 shows a positive sign.

Significant negative for VW sales

A plus in the double-digit range made mini (10.8 percent). There were increases in the single-digit range for Mercedes (8.5 percent), Audi (7.6 percent), Ford (6.8 percent), Opel (6.3 percent), Porsche (5.8 percent) and BMW (5.4 per cent). Smart had to accept a slight decrease by 1.3 per cent, at VW, the minus 4.3 percent is even stronger. With a share of almost 20 percent, the Wolfsburg brand however is market leader.

DS listed bitter losses

The import brands led by Skoda with a share of 5.6 per cent, followed by Renault (3.7 percent) and Hyundai (3.2 percent). The evident increase in recorded Jaguar (74.7 percent), Alfa Romeo (53.3 percent) and Lexus (46.0%). DS (-19.5%) suffered losses in the double-digit percentage range. The proportion of new vehicles with alternative drive types was narrow two percent, including 47.996 hybrids (including the 13.744 plug-in hybrid) and 11.410 electric cars. Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas were represented with a share of only 0.2 percent. The CO2 emissions of passenger cars continued to fall 2016, average on 127.4 g / km in 2015, there were 128.8 grams per kilometre.

Mostly in grey, black or white

The preferred colors when buying new cars remained grey (28.1 percent) and black (27.4 percent). Further, the proportion of white cars has grown to 20.1 percent. Nearly two-thirds of all new admissions accounted for the segments of compact class (25.2 percent), small car (14.5 percent), middle (12.8 percent) and SUVs (12.7 percent). The compact or golf class was so far ahead. The strongest growth recorded the SUVs with + 25.2%, but also the caravans are very popular with + 23.9 percent. (sl)

by Cassie Hartley

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