Used check: B-Class Please without sunroof

Please without sunroof

Plenty of space and a high seating position - the B-Class is what nowadays compact SUV may need. Lifestyle does not offer the little van though, for the Stuttgart delivers on the whole but performance for quality conscious. In detail, however, it falls short sometimes.

The image of seniors cars is of the A-Class, in which Mercedes has indeed adopted by the high-roof form, transferred to the B-Class. In this case, the compact van in truth especially score as a family transporter. Qualitatively, the first generation T 245 must (2005 to 2011) does not fear comparison with larger star models.

Body and interior: the double bottom, also called sandwich floor, was originally intended to provide space for electric car batteries and fuel cells. By the end of production of the first B-Class 2011 has not managed the art in the series. For the occupants benefit despite its compact external dimensions with 4.27 meters in length by a very spacious interior that can compete with larger competitors such as Opel Zafira or VW Touran. Another effect is the high seating position and the convenient entry-level, which makes the compact MPV into a popular candidate for the more mature clientele. The interior offers superb craftsmanship and should look almost good as new even after 100,000 miles.

Engines and chassis: motorized Fair is one with the B 180 CDI diesels with 80 kW/109 hp, of which there are a sumptuous offer on the used car market. A paragon of temperament he is not, however, the 200 CDI (103 kW/140 hp) reflected better. On Benzinerseite also fits the B 170 (later 180 B ) with 85 kW/116 hp good for compact van. The entry-level engine B150 ( B160 later ) with 70 kW/95 hp is less recommendable, since the B-Class is no lightweight. Rarely do you find the top model B 200 Turbo ( 142 kW/193 hp), more often, however, the 85 kW/116 hp natural gas version B 170 NGT. For a compact van the B-Class is unusually tightly coordinated - to avoid misunderstandings should be said: Sporty types are still wrong in the B-Class.

Features and security: As standard, the basic version of the B-Class was clearly equipped, most first-time buyers but have invested at least in extras such as air conditioning and radio. ISOFIX system on outer rear seats make the compact family-friendly. Who needs variability, looks for a variant with the optional Easy Vario system out, then back seat and front passenger seat can not only folded, but are also completely removed. Four airbags were always series, just like the stability control. In the Euro NCAP crash test it in 2006 ranged for five stars.

Quality: In the HU, the B-Class suggests above average. Some details still have the TÜV auditor but on their list: To fall seven year old B-classes, for example, because of a broken suspension springs on. Often the small Van suffers ailing drive shafts. In addition, the brake discs wear out quickly and the handbrake pulls often uneven. Exemplary are durable for exhaust and catalyst. Non TÜV - relevant, but still annoying and costly are the problems with the lamella sunroof that many B-classes. Before it clatters over the years or is leaking you should do without this extra when buying used cars in doubt. Speaking of chatter: you should also check the fit of the chrome strips, they fall from happy times. Also negatively the small Van falls to rust, for example on the doors. A beauty mistake you can live with.

Conclusion: The B-Class offers large part a good quality - who wants to be well paid. For a copy with 150,000 kilometers on the odometer and more used car buyers have been investing loosely 6,500 euros. In a private purchase of an older model it is worth taking a short workshop usually check on the few common infirmities of compact vans.