Transportation - dreams

Hanover, September 23, 2014

It is the bang at this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover ( 25 September-3 October 2014): VW 's with the Tristar study a concrete look at the next generation of Transporters called T6. The new VW bus to roll in 2015 at the start.

Outside the front door

The most important commercial vehicle trade fair of the year is for VW virtually a home game: Although the current T5 is on the market since 2003, the demand in the van plant in Hanover remains unbroken. According to Eckhard Scholz, head of VW's commercial vehicle division, there are still orders up to 2015 in. Nevertheless, the competition never sleeps: Mercedes engages with the new V - Class and Vito, Ford Transit modern models in the program and also Opel wants abhaben with the new Vivaro some of the pie.

unusual dimensions

How will however keep, the study shows Tristar. Your name recalls a particularly luxurious special model of the T3 - double cabin SUV from the 1980s. And so also the Tristar the year 2014 has four driven wheels. This is done in the form of a permanent all-wheel drive with mechanical rear lock, added a lift kit by 30 millimeters. VW speaks of a flatbed with " Extended Cab" and a short wheelbase. Quite short, because the Tristar is just 4.79 meters long. By comparison, the current T5 van is 4.89 meters long, 5.07 meters even the T5 platform.

powerful diesel

As a two-liter TDI engine with 204 hp is used, it makes 450 Newton meters at 1,400 rpm. This creates the Tristar 185 km / h top. The unit is an offshoot of the 240-horsepower diesel engine from the new Passat. Interesting are various detail solutions in addition to the transporter atypical 245 tires with 17 - inch wheels. So it does the flatbed a waterproof drawer in the interior next to a sliding driver and passenger seat-art video conferencing systems. Whether it's creating these things, including the espresso machine in the series, remains open. In the spring of 2015, we know more . ( rh )