Time again record

Lelystad (Netherlands), 7 December 2016

If your heart for very flat light, manageable and comfortable scary fast sports car, then you can look forward now even briefly extensively. Why? The crazy Dutchman by Donkervoort are back. With a completely new model. That is admittedly much looks like the old model. But they assured us: design, technology all in the last three years completely newly developed. Come out is the new D8 GTO-RS. It should be faster, more extreme and pure than previous Donkervoort. That something is, is astonishing enough. How to do it, we tell you now.

More than 380 HP

Since the advanced drive would be first. As in the past, audis great (and great sound) 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo is used also in the D8 GTO-RS. He now meets Euro 6 and is designed to provide thanks to an optimization of engine management over the entire speed range "a dramatically improved torque". How much "dramatically improved torque" means not says Donkervoort. The previous peak of 380 PS is likely be exceeded however. It is also unknown whether it also applies to the 0-100 km/h value by 2.8 seconds. Very important but: The consumption is 7.7 liter on average. Sometimes a merit of low weight. So far, the carbon racer amounted to 730 kilos. For the new D8 GTO-RS, Donkervoort is weighing 715 kilograms. A new, proprietary carbon production process called X-core to do thanks to a special sandwich foam process lighter and stiffer carbon fiber components (of which the D8 has more than enough).

Aerodynamics progress

The Dutch but also on improving the aerodynamics are particularly proud. It is rather difficult to make a car with four independent wheels, Aero King. Some more pressure can't hurt but still. Thanks to newly designed nose, a fully-enclosed carbon bottom plate (including diffuser and side skirts) and various new Schwellerchen and Spoilerchen, there are 50 kg output now on both axles. At the same time, the air resistance when compared to the old D8 GTO by 20 percent could be improved. All of this is to increase the stability at high speeds. Considering how often you will reach high speeds with this ascetic monster, that is very calming. The speed limit will also benefit. So far was "over 250 km/h". There is no exact values also here.

Even more dynamic

To boost the driving dynamics of the D8 GTO-r still stratossphärischere heights, Donkervoort opts for a new suspension, a wider track (plus 3.5 centimeters) and enhanced brakes. As standard on board: with launch control, automatic double-declutching and full function traction control. The D8 GTO-RS racing ABS, racing ASR and a sequential gearbox can be equipped on request. Those who opt for the latter, is unfortunately also the street legal.

Pay and wait

That would be quite a shame, because according to Donkervoort to man the new RS after track visit "comfortable and completely relaxed on any desired route homeward drive can". Probably also the improved quality interior contributes, the bottom of which is now made of carbon fibre. Otherwise, there are a few tools and some Alcantara. The rest is always still pretty naked. The clientele seems not to disturb it, because of the 65 scheduled D8 GTO-RS, 42 were already sold. And despite a price of at least 180.538 euro. If you decide to order this year (as a small Christmas gift itself even as it were), get your new, more extreme, faster, pureren Donkervoort is expected in January 2018.(sw)