The SUV of the future

Palo Alto ( USA ), September 30, 2015

After the Tesla Model S terrorized the area in the limousine segment for several years with its innovations and the sheer Electric Power, now an SUV she combines these qualities. The Model X is a fowl ( door ) ter seven-seater, which wants to have any other SUV in its place.

Power abound

The top version of the Model X comes with the same drive that is installed in the Model S. An electric motor at the front delivers 269 PS, a second at the rear 503 hp. Together resulting 762 hp and 967 Newton meters. By " Ludicrous Power Upgrade " sprints the Model X P90D in 3.3 seconds from zero to 100. Without the upgrade you need 3.8 seconds. The 90D variant has two times 269 PS get along, and accordingly requires longer to 100 km / h: 4.9 seconds.

Long range and high security

The power of such feats bring the engines of a 90 - kWh battery that is stowed under the floor of the 2468 kg heavy SUVs. Depending on the driving style of the battery will provide up to 400 kilometers. By eliminating conventional combustion engines Tesla not claim to build " the safest car on the road ". Supposedly all crash test categories can be completed with the top rating of five stars ?? Record in the SUV segment. The extravagant wing doors are the way to meet not only optical purposes, but especially help parents in their offspring easily accommodated in the rear of the seven-seater.

Autonomous Driving through online updates

A special feature of the Model X is the so-called HEPA filter, the ?? if necessary even with overpressure in the vehicle ?? everything keeps out what feels addressed by the terms stench, pollen or even viruses. Thanks to a system with front camera, as well as radar and sonar components the car should also be transformed into a self-propelled vehicle in the next few years with online updates. The Model X is already this winter are in US showrooms by Tesla, thanks to the long waiting list to get interested, the order now, your vehicle but probably not before the middle of next year. The top version " Signature Edition " kicks with the equivalent of approximately 118,000 Euros to the price, " smaller " versions should therefore come considerably cheaper . ( mf )