The magnificent seven

Geneva (Switzerland), 25 January 2017

NSU ro 80, Porsche 928, Renault 9 or Peugeot 405: all of them were once "Car of the year" in Europe. Since 1964, the coveted award is given even if the year is always a little irritated. The 2017er trophy is awarded in the framework of the Geneva Auto show on March 6, 2017 at a novelty of the year 2016. Seven models have made the shortlist.

You can collect points?

A total of 58 specialist journalists from 22 European countries choose the winner. The voting is transparent, you know who gave how many points which model. First of all 29 candidates the seven finalists were filtered out of after a first test week in Denmark in October 2016. They undergo further checks on a French test site end February 2017. The jury members give 25 points per person, which must be distributed to at least five of the seven vehicles.

Only a German brand in the final

Probably also by the sign broad diversification of the jury, there is no national focus the final candidates. Germany is, for example, only with the new Mercedes E-class in the race, the Alfa Giulia coming from Italy. France is represented by the Citro├źn C3 and the Peugeot 3008. The Nissan Micra or the Toyota C-HR could get a Japanese victory, the Volvo S90/V90 represents the Swedish colours. Last year, the Volvo XC90 had to be beaten with 18 points difference the new Opel Astra. (rh)