Nsu RO 80

In 1967, the German automobile manufacturer NSU presented at the IAA in Frankfurt, the RO 80 The NSU RO 80 was the world's first car with rotary engine. It delivers 115 hp and a top speed of 180 km / h With its aerodynamic body was way ahead of his time NSU RO 80, but was probably exactly why not give the desired received by customers. Furthermore, the model has a three-speed semi-automatic transmission and front wheel drive. In 1977 the production of the NSU RO 80 to about 37,400 units built has been set. After the last NSU RO 80 was gone from the band, he was handed over to the German Museum in Munich. Today, the NSU RO 80 is a popular car lovers. In this website you will find new and used vehicles, including demonstration and cheap classic vintage cars.