The Fast&Furious Live Show

Hair, 24. November 2017

As if eight films and in the making befindlicher part would not be rich Nine: Fans of the mega successful car Franchises can now look forward to a whole new type of gasoline gurgling entertainment. Yeah, a Fast&Furious Live Show is on the way. Pretty sure even in an Arena near you and the organizers promise not less than the "best car Show of all time".

Who are the people behind Fast&Furious Live?

The Live Event was conceived of by a small Team in the UK. Support came from Universal Studios. Producer and creative Director Rowland French came up with the idea about four years ago. Previously, French was as a Producer for the TopGear Live Show and also for the TV show responsible. He should have sufficient experience in this field.

What can I expect from the Show?

The Story revolves around Street racer, Sophia Diaz (played by Elysia Wren) and DSS-Agent Dawson (Mark Ebulué), the need to work together to find the bastard Cain. Cain himself is one of the last remaining members of the Ciphers Crew. Cipher the top villain from Fast&Furious 8 is. Vin Diesel plays Dom Toretto, is seen on Video screens. Within the Show there is of course lots of Stunts and Action, while the chasing Pair of Cain over the entire Globe. In the Live Event, some of the most famous Stunts of the entire series of films, of course, not adapted to blow the tight frame, to provide a normal event hall, so be it. With the Drift-Showdown from Tokyo Drift, the Safe-hunting in Rio from Fast Five, as well as the high-jump of the Lykan hypersport from Furious 7. The public should also be involved by helping to build the Hero car of the Good.

The cars that participate in Fast&Furious Live?

Too many to list them all. But, of course, some of the most famous cars from the film series. Including Brian O'Conner's orange Toyota Supra, the flipper Cars from Fast&Furious 6 and of course various stages of development of Dom Toretto's Dodge Charger, the changes to the development of the story show. More than 40 stunt cars will be piloted by eleven stunt drivers. These Eleven were chosen from more than 2,000 applicants, and had a five-month Training endure until the choreography was sitting properly. Among the drivers professional Drifter, stunt driver, with huge Hollywood-experience and emerging Motorsport Junior driver.

When and where can I see the Show?

In Germany, the Fast&Furious Live Show in Munich, Cologne and Berlin. The Olympic hall in Munich is 16. to 18. February 2018 on it. From the 2. to 4. March 2018 in the Cologne Lanxess-Arena and the Berlin Mercedes-Benz-Arena is 22. - 24. June 2018 venue for the XXL-Auto-Events.(sw)