The Beast in the Benz

Affalterbach, September 9, 2014

Affalterbach is calling! Curtain up and down with the sheets! Tell a sporty " Hallöle " the new Mercedes - AMG GT! The second, completely developed by AMG sports car aims relatively straightforward to Zuffenhausen parade stallion Porsche 911 ( Jaguar and his F-Type coupe may also have something warmer to wear looking ) and wants with his front mid-engine concept, much aluminum lightweight, extremely foxy technology and especially an all-new 4.0 - liter twin-turbo V8 conquer the hearts of enthusiasts.

Form and Space

A never-ending bonnet together with thicker power domes, a widely drawn backwards Greenhouse ( like the GT Mercedes - pulpit called something newfangled ), a rather elegant expiring fastback shape and an outrageously broad butt ?? yes, it can be a sports car certainly draw times, even if the headlights reminiscent of such a projectile a bit too much of the A-Class. We look forward to 18 LEDs in the super narrow taillights. And the large tailgate, including the behind-serviceable 350 liter boot capacity, we also take note of rejoicing. The usual two golf bags are not a problem, says Mercedes. Various helmets and racing overalls probably not.

AMG GT weighs 1,540 kilos

That's good, because AMG has done everything to ensure that the new GT hires reasonably well on the track. In principle, its chassis is based on that of the SLS AMG, but the GT is 70 millimeters shorter. Frame and casing are completely made of aluminum and weighs only 231 kg. All in all, the balance displays the GT to 1,540 pounds. When GT S there are 1,570 kilos. For comparison, a Porsche Carrera S weighs just 1,400 pounds. Thanks to front mid-engine design and a transmission in transaxle configuration ( before the rear axle arranged ) results in a weight distribution of 47 to 53 percent. The car gets double wishbones front and rear, a mechanical limited slip differential ( in the stronger flagship GT S operates an electronic limited-slip differential ) and a so-called power train damping. What engine? A specially tuned dampers to reduce the rolling motion of the entire drive train here. Less rolling movements result notably increase the agility. And this can all know never hurt.

Much ado about new engine

Speaking of agility. At the most intense of course we are on the engine of AMG GT. For the first time the brand-new 4.0 - liter twin-turbo V8 will be used here namely. Matching the two versions of the Affalterbach sports coupe, the new Super Machine is available in two power levels. In GT makes the unit 462 hp and 600 Newton meters, the GT S, the brutal 510 hp and 650 Newton meters. In 4.0 and 3.8 seconds to go from zero to 100 km / h. The top speed will be a governed 304 and 310 km / h. The internally called M178 V8 has turbochargers that do not lie on the outside of the cylinder banks, but the inside of the cylinder V ( the so-called " hot Interior - V " ). Also provides a dry sump lubrication, the oil supply even at high lateral forces safely. According to Mercedes, the engine is designed to provide a suction typical power output and high-volume AMG machines of the past in terms of " luminary-like goosebumps Sound" in no way inferior. The first sound - taste with today's static presentation underpinned this thesis impressive. The GT bangs, spratzt, rattles and roars that it sets up a hair.

AMG Dynamic Plus package

For the power transmission in the AMG GT provides an optimized seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with shift modes Controlled Efficiency, Sport, Sport Plus, Individual and M (manual mode ). As for the GT S, there are also the manual drive program " Race", which raises switching speed, and engine sound in the highest regions of fun. Also the GT S is reserved for the optional AMG Dynamic Plus package. It uses dynamic engine and transmission mounts, which adjust their rigidity and thus the vibrating masses of the drive unit continuously to the current driving situation ( softer and more comfortable strolling, harder and therefore more agile when ambitious ride ). Also included: a streamlined chassis design, a higher negative camber at the front and a sportier steering. There is also in conjunction with the Dynamic Plus package is also the option to Michelin Pilot Sport Cup semi-slick two - sport tires.

Top model GT S with higher performance equipment

Other plus points gathers the stronger GT S with standard adaptive dampers and a performance exhaust system including fully variable controlled exhaust valves (both the GT surcharge). The GT S bigger brakes ( 390 instead of 360-millimeter discs on the front ) and larger wheels this purpose is obtained ( 20 instead of 19 inches in the rear ). Both versions can be equipped with ceramic stoppers in the 402 - millimeter - XXL size and lighter forged wheels with central locking.

V8 - form in the interior

We open the large door and look back on a flat-bottomed and fairly thick sport steering wheel with quality aluminum shift paddles. Very chic: The display in the instrument cluster goes immediately before an animated GT. What was called in ancient times times as center console, listen in this case the name AMG Drive Unit. With the arrangement of their controls they should fittingly reminiscent of eight cylinders in V - shape. Add the Drive Unit can be individually adjusted all settings related to vehicle dynamics, exhaust and Co.. There is a freestanding display with a screen size of seven inches across the four air vents. In connection with the infotainment system COMAND Online there are 8.4 inches. The seat heating, PDC, the hazard warning lights and the extendable rear wing served as the driver on the plane on in the roof frame.

AMG GT with 9.3 liter fuel consumption

And even if it almost seems a little boring at all the delicious goodies sports car, of course the AMG GT has a lot to offer in terms of safety equipment. The complete travel assistance program from the S - Class is also available in the new star-athletes. And while we're watching: Mercedes specifies the consumption of GT with 9.3 liters on average, the GT S should consume 9.4 liters. Ordered both cars are from 6 October 2014 prices are not fixed yet . ( sw )