Test: Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid Swedish -saving fun

Swedish-saving fun

Swedish design, great amenities, plenty of space and thanks to the same two engines the most economical consumption. What's the catch? Well well where. The price of the V60 Plug-in Hybrid Hy has it all. But also technology.

It happened on the middle lane highway at about 120 km / h when it is stopped suddenly. Previously, the polynuclear five-cylinder diesel had the Volvo V60 still driven vehemently forward. The traffic is quite dense, at walking distance from the gas, cruise control - engine. Quietly rushes the Swede ahead with Tempo 120, the E unit has taken. Free Range, a step on the accelerator - washed, the diesel is again on the spot. Pace shield, slow, silence just below the recommended speed. It sounds pretty good, if old and new drive world play together, showed our daily test.

For the V60 plug-in hybrid has all the style of a progressive cars both tank and plugs. A husky five-cylinder diesel with 158 kW / 215 hp with an electric motor works together ( 50 kW / 65 hp ), the battery can be charged externally. Individually or jointly, they play on the middle-class combi complete speed scale - without the driver even a chord would contribute. But it can - if he wants to.

© Volvo Technically a coherent concept, visually a Swedish delicacy, fully equipped with the highest equipment " Summum " among others, two-zone climate control, leather interior, heated seats, Brake Assist and heater Athletic draw the curves on the highway the man behind " versägen " or the traffic lights start win - it is already said at Volvo " 5X " Five Ender, who heads its high maximum torque of 440 Newton meters to the front wheels. He is supported in the power mode from its electrical fellow at the rear axle, together they come to 206 kW / 283 hp and chase the two ton in 6.1 seconds from zero to 100 km / h maximum is 230 km / h in it, That matches the sporty tuning of the Sweden station wagon.

In addition to driving enjoyment of Twin Hearts V60 makes but also saving fun: Because you sit again behind the wheel of five-door, has chosen the hybrid mode and the digital display savvy about the flow of energy, you can hardly help but mitzutun the efficiency concert of the two units, So controls cautiously Gasfuss, foresighted driving and look at the hybrid screen that displays, from which load is the Nitro support again, the use of diesel and recuperated by the way, what the track will bear only so.

The uneconomic for diesel starting accepts the e-motor. Thus, the combination stromert through city traffic; If the driver for quick overtaking or are behind the sign gas, the diesel reporting for duty. With power on the rear axle support of the electric motor to 150 km / h until then the V60 thus also has four-wheel drive.

Can exploit © VolvoDas potential of his car so a V60 - buyers, who at home or at work have access to socket or charging station For the real fun saving it is advisable to bring the consumption display permanently in the digital display. 1.8 liter fuel consumption ( 48 g CO2 / km ) per 100 kilometers is the manufacturer's specification. A bit down foresight flow in practice actually loose less than three liters of fuel lines. The battery must be charged for it logically, it is completely empty, the five-cylinder takes a good six liters in normal driving.

Can exploit the potential of his car so a V60 - buyers, who at home or at work have access to electrical outlet or charger. Between 3.5 ( 16 amps ) and 7.5 h ( six amps) takes a full charge. With a " save for later " button, you can store the electrical energy, for example, for later, all-electric urban driving in Pure mode. While the battery is seated in the trunk and so steals some 126 liters of transport volume, but the flat positioning of the batteries under the floor, he is at least still very usable.

Technically a coherent concept, visually a Swedish delicacy, in the highest equipment " Summum " fully equipped, among others, two-zone climate control, leather interior, heated seats, Brake Assist and heater. In addition since the new model year, the Emergency Brake Assist detects not only pedestrians but also cyclists, while reversing the V60 warns of cross traffic. So where is now the catch?

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Almost one expects it to all vehicles that have anything to do with electric mobility - it's the price. The sophisticated technology costs. At least 59 410 euros are due for mid-size station wagon. The V60 D5 AWD will cost 48,180 euros in comparable facilities. Who expects a sharp pencil, must calculate longer to use the saved sprits comes out a black figure of this initial price differential.

But the buyer gets a car with which he moves ahead of the trend. This is not for a few obviously an important criterion, 10,000 plug-in hybrids are provided at Volvo in the coming year for the production. Thus, the double heart combo for example in our neighboring country of Renner. The Netherlands had tax benefits for company cars with CO2 emissions below 50 g / km proclaimed. That one can not resist when in addition to the symphony of the two V60 units still ringing in the purse - understandable.

Technical specifications

Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid Five-seater, five-door mid-size station wagon, length: 4.64 meters, width 1.87 meters ( 2.10 meters with exterior mirrors ) Height: 1.48 meters, wheelbase: 2.78 meters, Trunk size: 304-1120 liters 2.4-liter five-cylinder diesel with 158 kW / 215 hp, maximum torque: 440 Nm at 1500-3000 U / min, electric motor with 50 kW / 68 HP, max. Torque 200 Nm ; 0-100 km / h: 6.1 s ( Power mode ), 7.9 s ( hybrid mode ), Vmax 230 km / h ( power mode ), 120 km / h ( Pure mode ), 150 km / h ( AWD mode ), average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers: 1.8 liters, CO2 Aussstoß: 48 g / km, efficiency: A +, test consumption: 2.8 liters Price from 59,410 Euro in brief - Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid Alternative to: Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid, Opel Ampera Fits: People driving fun and fuel-saving fun want Looks good: Swedish elegant like a normal V60