Start with the model S is cheaper

Stuttgart, 17 June 2016

That Tesla has only a single model (the model S, while the model X starts until end of 2016) on the German market, the Californian brand has stirred up lots of dust. There is also a reason for this: no other brand offers electric cars so long-range. The model S is to create a charge no fewer than 557 kilometers 90 d. But the previous base price of 82,700 Euro deterred too many customers. That's why start two new entry level versions, where the range via software is reduced.

In the future six variants

So far, the model range consisted of the model S 75 as well as all wheel models 75 d, 90 d and P90D. Experts are wondering about the lack of versions of 70 and 70 d, but these were removed already a few months ago by the 75ern, as Tesla spokeswoman Kathrin Schira told us. Now 60 and the 60 d will be added. The figures represent generally the energy in kilowatt hours (kWh), the battery can store at Tesla. Only two batteries are manufactured also in future, one with 75 and one with 90 kWh. New 60's models, only a part of the physically possible energy content is but released by software so Schira.

New price: 76.600 euro

The base price drops to 76.600 euro, the 60 d's all-wheel variant starts at 82.100 euro. Remain in the program, the 75er versions are they but now appear as 'Range 'upgrade' of the 60s for 9,400 euros extra charge. Thus you pay now rather than 82,700 Euro 86,000 euros for the 75er future. Who bought a 60s, can make it later even a 75er. The necessary software update costs 9,950 euros, or slightly more than you paid for, if one opts for the 75er.

19 per cent less range

A smaller number of kWh means also a smaller range. Instead of 480 km, only 400 kilometres creates the 60s. The speed limit is reduced from 225 to 210 km/h, the standard Sprint takes 5.8 seconds unchanged. The data for the all-wheel-drive version differ only slightly: 408 km, 210 km/h and 5.4 seconds. Like the other versions, even the novices have no Grill, but benefit from end of June 2016 of the facelift.

More expensive than a Ghibli, cheaper than a 7 series

The four-door notchback sedan with cars such as the Jaguar XF, Maserati Ghibli, or Audi competes A6 with a length of just under five metres and a Sprint value of 5.8 seconds. The Ghibli base model (5.6 seconds, 263 km/h top, rear-wheel drive) there is 68.470 euros, i.e. for around 12,000 euros of less. However against expected to lower operating costs Tesla even estimated the savings at 15,000 km per year and five years duration with about 5,500 euros. Even then, the conventionally powered Ghibli is so convenient. Tesla himself compares his car but rather with the upper class. There is a BMW 7 series with a comparable petrol engine only from 88.300 euros, making it significantly more expensive than the Tesla. Also, Californians refer to the warranty of four years and 80,000 kilometers, as well as an eight-year warranty on battery and drive with unlimited mileage. (sl)