Silver wedding Audi and TDI

Ingolstadt, July 14, 2014

We write the car in 1989. Opel adopted from Manta and introduces the new Calibra sports coupe. Nissan shows the first five-speed automatic, all-wheel drive Renault Espace installed in a laminated with carbon fiber propeller shaft and Mazda MX-5 starts with the success story of a small roadster.

Rumbling and loud Stinker

Language but one turned up at this time of diesel technology, most people still have their nose. Were the series diesel but noisy, smelly, smoked and their power output was more than poor. The Audi 100 2.5 TDI has until now only the third production car with the new turbo-diesel direct injection. Although the five-cylinder engine rumbled yet, but already at that time made ​​120 hp and brought in only six liter average fuel consumption of the Audi 100 to a top speed of 200 km / h The foundation for modern diesel technology was laid.

25 years TDI

That is now 25 years old and turbo diesel engines have become an integral part of the motor pallets all car manufacturers. A Reason to Celebrate: For the anniversary, here's a special-edition model of the A7 Sportback. Of course, with the latest TDI technology.

Ade tractor diesel

The Audi A7 Sportback competitionline a TDI biturbo engine with a displacement of three liters in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic. Modifications to the charge and to the camshaft of the engine to increase its capacity by seven hp compared to the standard model to 326 hp. When the driver puts the pedal to come for a short time on a boost function for another 20 hp to do so. The maximum torque is 650 Newton meters and is 1400-2800 rpm ready. This helps the Ingolstadt edition model at a time of 5.1 seconds in the sprint to 100 km / h The exhaust gas classification is € 6 and really has nothing to do with the tractor diesel engines of the past.

Sport Package and standard equipment

Diesel engines have become a sporty character. Audi stresses that image and missed the A7 Sportback, the S-Line equipment package. 20 - inch tires, a lowering by 20 millimeters, black side mirrors and 17-inch brake discs with red calipers stand out the sport package. The interior can make yourself comfortable on sports seats and let his gaze wander over the decor of a wood and aluminum combination of the diesel pilot. The special-edition model has all the features on board that have already been incorporated into the revised A7 series. These include the standard LED headlights and the flashing light with dynamicized display. On request, Audi even provides a more efficient navigation and advanced driver assistance systems such as night vision support.

Cheers base price?

Potential customers can order the Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI competition from early August 2014. Delivery will begin in the fall. The base price of the anniversary model is sporting 72,000 euros . (ml )