Seat fitting: The new Audi A4

Ingolstadt, June 29, 2015

The fans already pawing at the bit, but still need to wait a little: It was only in November 2015 comes the new Audi A4 to the market. In fact ?? which is really a novelty ?? as a sedan and Avant simultaneously. This is particularly pleased that the German customer, eventually about two thirds of A4 in this country appointed as a combination. A few days ago we were able to take on a brand new middle graders at a press conference in Ingolstadt before the official presentation more closely.

More edges and a larger grill

When you first look shows that it also at Audi ( as VW successfully with the Gulf for years practiced ) at design changes rather evolutionary, as relies on revolution. Say: The new A4 looks very similar to the current model, but looks sleek. This impression produce narrower headlights, who also get sharp corners. The aim was to let the front end " technical and aggressive " act as A4 exterior designer Frank Lambersky explains. The single-frame grille, the not exactly inconspicuous small already at the outgoing model, grew again.

Avant with 505 liters of storage space

As the new Q7, also based on the A4 to the advanced modular Längsbaubaukasten ( MLB evo ). The dimensions only slightly changed, the Avant is 26 millimeters longer and about 16 millimeters wider than its predecessor, the level has remained about the same. The wheelbase has grown by twelve millimeters. That does not sound like much, but as we have noted in the seat fitting, in the rear of the increase of 2.3 centimeters legroom is already noticeable. The trunk of the Avant has increased by 15 to 505 liters, the maximum value with folded rear seats is now 1,510 liters ?? these are 3 compared to Erzkonkurrenten BMW Touring ( 495-1500 liters ) and Mercedes C - Class station wagon ( 490-1510 liters ) have respectable values ​​. The sedan continues to offer a 480-liter trunk.

Up to 120 kilos lighter

Thanks to various lightweight construction (including the Avant are the tailgate and the strut towers aluminum) has slimmed the Mittelklässler depending on engine and equipment up to 120 kilograms. The throttles the fuel thirst, like the finely honed aerodynamics. The sedan now comes to an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.23, the Avant to 0.26. The results were achieved inter alia by two new air intakes in the front apron, a new underbody paneling and the new location of the mirrors, which are now sitting on the doors.

Front more space

On the front seats we sit with a surprising amount of shoulder and head. As explained us A4 - chief developer Michael Neumayer, the grown place was achieved primarily through changes to the door panels and the headliner. We really liked the newly developed, body-hugging seats. On our first contact we thought it as firm, but comfortable ?? We are excited to see how they fight from extensive driving.

Head-up display and touch button on the MMI

Behind the wheel is now available on request, the virtual cockpit with 12.3-inch diagonal, which is already available for TT and Q7. In the center console sits a tablet-like, slender monitor that is seven or 8.3 inches in size, depending on verbautem navigation system. In addition, you can now order a head-up display. In terms of entertainment is upgraded surcharge again duly: So there is the LTE standard for fast data transfer, Wi-Fi hotspot and a "Phone Box" ?? which is a subject in which smartphones have inductive load. The known MMI system can now also be ordered with a touch-sensitive surface on the rotary shuttle dial ?? here can be written with fingers sign or zoom in the Navikarte. In addition, the MMI has been given a clearer menu structure and will be operated with a few keys. As nice but superfluous gimmick we feel the new optional LED ambient light: In the top version, we can select 30 colors in which glow then different areas, such as the cup holders, the dark gentle.

New:-turn helper and efficiency Wizard

In the wizard and safety systems of the new A4 has it all. Among the well-known features such as Lane Departure and Totwinkelwarner, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control with Traffic Jam function is now joined by optional one-turn assistant ( decelerates to a stop when the driver might overlook oncoming traffic when link turning ), an avoidance maneuver assistant ( supports steering when Reaching around an obstacle when an accident can be avoided ) and a so-called predictive efficiency assistant. The fits to the selected speed to the range topography, speed limits or vehicles ahead, giving the driver instructions when he should reduce his pace in time because, for example, is approaching a curve. The efficiency assistant collaborates, among others, with the traffic sign recognition, the navigation system and the distance cruise control.

First, three petrol and four diesel

At its market launch in November 2015, the A4 will be to have three four-cylinder TFSI and four TDI engines. Compared to its predecessor, the engines have become more economical, the petrol use for example, a new combustion process with less compression phase and increased densification. The entry level is the 1.4 TFSI with 150 hp, about a two-liter gasoline settled with 190 or 252 hp. The weaker of two drives a trimmed to thrift " ultra " version, the car will consume only 4.8 liters of fuel and emit 109 grams of CO2. For the diesel engines, there is a two-liter four-cylinder with 150 or 190 hp, and two three-liter six-cylinder with 218 and 272 hp. At a later stage should follow with 122 PS still a small two-liter TDI.

Plug-in hybrid " theoretically possible "

That is also a plug-in hybrid, has not been confirmed to us on demand, according to Audi spokesman Josef Schlossmacher he would, thanks to the MLB evo structure like the Q7 " theoretically possible ". " But we have since only abchecken market opportunities ," says Schlossmacher. One thing is now already that a natural gas variant called " g - tron " with 170 hp two-liter TFSI engine will be available from the end of 2016. Also, the S4 will be released in the coming year, the engine ( we expect more than 350 hp ), but there is no information. When the top model RS 4 that will make about 500 horsepower, takes the stage, Audi has not yet revealed.

Dual clutch, torque converter transmission and all-wheel

In the new A4 there will be different types of power transmission. The manual six-speed manual gearbox has been revised and slimmed down by 16 kilograms. This box is for all gasoline engines and the two four-cylinder diesels series. An optional seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is ordered, the 218-horsepower diesel is also factory aboard. The most powerful diesel factory gets a newly developed eight-speed automatic transmission. As usual, there is the all-wheel drive quattro. He is to have an additional cost for the 245-hp gasoline and the middle two diesel, the top diesel has him always. This model can be ordered from 2016 with a sport differential for the rear axle. We are excited about are how the new chassis of the A4 affects drivability. Back will take a trapezoidal-link axle as its predecessor used a five-link design, the front five-link suspension design has been revised. In addition, the Audi engineers have revised the dampers and retuned.

From about 30,700 euros

The main issue remains the price. Unfortunately there are no exact numbers, but the A4 should be to have from about 30,700 euros as a sedan with 1.4 TSI engine. However, the number is expected to rapidly climb to the top, because most of these ( and useful features ) will have an additional cost ?? By the way this also includes LED headlamps or Maxtrix LED headlights along with dynamic flashing . ( hd )