Reunion with Wankel

Tokyo ( Japan ), October 28, 2015

Declared Dead: After the end of production of the Mazda RX-8 in 2012, not a few saw the Wankel engine on the siding: to unfavorable combustion chamber geometry to high consumption and poor drafts from low engine speeds were the arguments of the grave orator. But Mazda had its flagship, the rotary engine, plugged into the freezer. In parallel, the research and development work ran it on. Finally, we know in Hiroshima that two things for Mazda are unique: the MX - 5 and the rotary engine, with which you even triumphed in Le Mans. Now you have the special drive certain extent thawed again and displays it in an elegant casing: the study RX - Vision.

The Japanese Ferrari

The concept car stands as a world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show ( 28 October to 8 November 2015). Optical falls on the long and flat front end, in the hiding of the space-saving rotary engine. In terms of design the RX - Vision quoted proprietary models, but it could also pass as a Ferrari. Too many tangible information not yet delivers Mazda. What is known is that the study is 4.39 meters long, 1.92 meters wide and only 1.16 meters high. Its wheelbase is 2.70 meters, mounted 20-inch wheels with 245 tires front and rear 285ern.

Codename 16X

To drive Details Mazda keeps still covered. The RX-Vision has a front-mounted engine and rear wheel drive. The Wankel engines of the future run under the name " Skyactive - R ", wherein the R for the English translation Wankel "rotary " stands. That makes sense, but the run petrol at Mazda as " Skyactive - G " ( G for " Gasoline" ) and the diesel as " Skyactive - D ". In the center of the Wankel development were fuel efficiency, emissions and reliability. How exactly looks like the result and what the Agreggat does, is not yet known. But is likely to use an improved version of 2007 featured 16X rotary engine with two slices and direct.

Come 2017 RX - 9?

The name RX - Vision indicates an RX - 9 which could complete the model range of Mazda upwards. A little comparable would be the RX - 9 with the BMW i8, which the statement relates: Namely without showing Accountant look at what is technologically possible. Similarly, in 1961 went to " 47 Samurai " said Mazda engineers around the later CEO Kenichi Yamamoto to work after they had obtained a license from NSU Wankel. With success: Even before the NSU Ro 80 Mazda introduced in 1967 before the first vehicle with two-rotor Wankel, the Cosmo Sport. In 1970, the RX - 2, RX - count, which reached its first climax in the RX-7 of 1978. And when the new RX - number comes on the market? According to Mazda are still some obstacles to overcome. Nevertheless, we expect 2017 to the 50th anniversary of the Cosmo . ( rh )