Resentment Ender SUV in Goodwood

Schwalbach, June 30, 2014

Beginning of 2013, the second generation of the sporty off-goer was Range Rover Sport, which is on the market since 2005 presented. Now the designers and engineers of the Special Vehicle Operations teams of Jaguar / Land Rover still a set it and invent a small but nice name suffix for the sport: SVR.

Attack of a weather machine

In addition to the fastest and most efficient Range Rover ever, the responsible developers have invented a weather machine. No matter where the frog does sit on his head now, rumbling thunder, there will be. The goal: Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​( 26 to 29 June 2014) is to shake the tea of the Lords and Ladies, when the prototype of the Range Rover Sport SVR takes the mountain range of motorsport spectacle in attack.

operation Art

Therefore, the operation succeeds, the transplanted English engineers known from the F-Type Coupe R five-liter supercharged V8 Heart in the posh Brits and make the sport 40 hp more than the previous top model. Although he is still in the prototype camouflage, but with 550 hp in a stiffened aluminum frame of the terrain athletes met the predicate - SVR. He thus joins the ranks of the more powerful and flashy SUVs. Mercedes ML 63 AMG with 525 hp or Porsche Cayenne Turbo S with 550 hp hot its competitors here.

Predicate - SVR

But it will not be all. Jaguar / Land Rover announced that it would provide in the future all the high-performance models of the brands with the Lable SVR. These then appear parallel to the other vehicle versions. It can therefore take place a few festivals in the southern English county of West Sussex. The subsequent delivery of new high-performance cars is well secured from the British manufacturer point of view for the time being.

Prototype without price

If you want a Range Rover Sport SVR by the way, his legs shall be able to hold still for a while. The launch is only in the year 2015. Till then, to be satisfied with a "normal " sport. It exists with "only" 510 hp from 88,300 euros . (ml )