Range Rover Sport P400e: Premiere with a Plug-in Hybrid

Whitley (UK), 4. October 2017

New Jaguar/Land Rover. And something really New: for the First time in the group a series vehicle with a Plug-in Hybrid. By the end of 2017, the Range Rover Sport P400e starts.

Slightly changed optic

Hand-in-hand, the new part-time Stromer comes with a Facelift for the model range. So, there is the model 2018 LED headlight for the Range Rover Sport and a modified grille. Inside the Velar well-known Ten-inch touch screen and keep it on the center console tray. The Top model of the Range Rover Sport, the SVR, gaining strength to 575 HP and accelerates in 4.5 seconds to 100 kph.

The First Electric Representative

But back to the P400e, which you will never see in various Jaguar and Land Rover models. Finally, it should be from 2020, all new models of both brands also electrified variants. In the Range Rover Sport P400e, an electric motor joined to a 300-HP two-liter four-cylinder with 85 kW power. He sits in the housing of the eight-speed automatic transmission, the system performance is 404 HP. Thanks to its standard all-wheel drive it goes in 6.7 seconds on Tempo 100, 220 km/h are possible. 640 Newton meters of torque round out the overall picture.

More expensive, but more amenities

The data on consumption of 2.8 litres for 100 kilometres and 64 grams of CO2 for 100 kilometres are to be recorded under "theory", more interesting in terms of "practice" is a pure electric range of 51 miles. By the push of a button, a pure current-mode is possible, otherwise the Range Rover Sport 400e operates in the Hybrid mode. Here, among other things, a battery can be pre-programmed level, then below, in order to have enough power for city driving. The 13.1 kilowatt-hours summary Lithium-ion battery can be recharged at a Wallbox in two and three quarter hours at a household outlet, it takes 7:30 hours. The prices start in the Range Rover Sport now at 64,000 Euro for the SD4 Diesel with 240 horsepower, an increase of 2,000 Euro. However, LED headlamps and the two Ten-inch touch screen series now. The P400e costs at least 87.100 Euro. Thus, the Plug-in Brite, both in terms of performance as well as the price at the level of the old Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid (for the new Cayenne has yet to be specified, not a hybrid model).(rh)