Opel: Now comes Charles

Rüsselsheim, September 11, 2014

After Adam Opel is now bringing the Karl. That sounds weird, but is so: The unusual for a car model name is a tribute to Carl Opel, one of five sons of Adam Opel. Charles will be the new entry-level model for the brand and come in summer 2015 to the dealers.

Karl in all countries

On demand was to learn after all of the Opel Press Office, that the micro-car in most European countries is sold as " Karl " ?? if he is then expressed for example in Spain " Carlos ", remains to be seen. This Opel explains his naming quite strange: The Adam is supposed to according to the company's perspective english " Äddäm " are pronounced, because he had nothing to do with company founder Adam Opel. Now, however, must serve at once Adam Opel's son Carl to explain the recent finding names. The Brits keep out of the mess out before: In the UK, the car is sold under the label of its sister brand Vauxhall as " Viva ". The times should one understand, the Opel ...

How wär`s with Karla?

We also believe that to Corsa, Agila, Meriva, Astra, mocha, Antara, Insignia and Cascada the female form " Karla " would much better fit. Maybe think about it the Opel marketing department yes again and offers two variants. Then the lords of creation could buy the Opel Karla ( or at least to Karl, as a special statement ) and the ladies accesses Karl, the guy. Whether that is strong, you do not know the way ?? to the motors Rüsselsheim holds still covered.

Five doors, five seats

With a length of 3.68 meters of Karl is two inches shorter than the Adam. And yet, to the then smallest Rüsselsheim have five doors and offer five people place. That must always be the three-door Adam as a platform to serve donors, is likely, but neither confirmed nor denied by the manufacturer. For more information about Karl will be at a later date. The car could stand at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2015 in the spotlight. About the price, it can only speculate. The favorable Adam currently costs 11,750 euros. Since Opel Karl but wants including position including, it should definitely cost less than 10,000 euros and make cheap brands such as Dacia and Lada buyer alienate.

Adam Rocks and Corsa come 2014

By Karl continues to grow Opels range of small cars. 2013 appeared the lifestyle racer Adam and since then sold like hot cakes. In September 2014, the Adam Rocks will come to the dealers a higher specified outdoorsman with large folding roof. The new Corsa is at the Paris Motor Show ( October 4 to 19 2014) have world premiere and will be sold from the end of 2014 . (HD / pH)