On and off: The terrain convertible has arrived

Schwalbach, November 9th, 2015

That the Range Rover Cabrio comes, was already known long: The manufacturer has even intrigued by photos of a little disguised test vehicle, and there were in 2012 a close-Concept Car. Now there are the pictures of the finished vehicle and all important information on engines, equipment ?? and especially for the price.

Fifth Range Rover Model

The Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet joins as a fifth member of the Range Rover family a. At the same time it is the first Range Rover with a folding roof and the first Nobel SUV that is launched as a convertible. Here, however, the emphasis is on " classy ", because the first terrain - Cabriolet had Nissan in 2011 put to the wheels with the Murano. It was only sold in the US and taken after three years due to low demand from the market.

After 18 seconds, the Evoque is open

The most important question in a convertible is about the roof structure. When Evoque comes a fabric hood is used, which is folded Z - shaped and then flush with the rear. Opening the roof takes place fully automatically at the touch and is done after 18 seconds. Closes the car in 21 seconds. Both can happen even while driving up to a speed of 48 km / h. The two most important question is that of the boot volume ?? the Convertible range offers 251 liters for luggage, the normal three-door there are 420 liters. We are curious to see how the storage space can be loaded in the pictures looks the loading opening of quite narrow.

New 10.2-inch touchscreen

Inside the four-seater is optionally a novelty for use: A high-resolution 10.2-inch touch screen, which is connected to an innovative infotainment system called InControl Touch Pro navigation. This plant will be the first time installed in a car by Jaguar Land Rover and offers a smart integration also a 3G Internet connection and a premium sound system. And what one sees neither inside nor hear, which is hidden in the rear security system: In a rollover fold in 90 milliseconds aluminum struts and create as fast as a survival space for the passengers.

A petrol, diesel

Driving the new Evoque Cabriolet assume, as expected, the known from the closed Evoque versions engines: A two-liter petrol engine with 240 hp and a two-liter diesel with either 150 or 180 hp. The power is sent serially from a nine-speed automatic transmission on the four-wheel drive. And as with the brothers and sisters with a fixed roof loads of electronics helps to plowing through rough terrain. Among the helpers are solutions like the " Terrain Response " control of all major vehicle systems, " Wade Sensing " system for water crossings or the offroad control " All-Terrain Progress Control " ( ATPC ).

Two trim levels from 51,200 Euro

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is to have the equipment lines SE and HSE Dynamic Dynamic. The price starts at 51,200 euros proud. This are the leather interior, 18-inch alloy wheels, parking sensors front and rear, a dual zone climate control, a 10.2-inch touchscreen and a 380 - watt sound system on board. Just in time for the start of the convertible season in spring 2016, the Evoque Cabriolet available at the dealership . ( hd )