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London, September 8, 2014

1.7 billion euros for the manufacturing equipment. An engine plant for 628 million euros. For the brand new Jaguar XE has ( respectively the parent company Tata ) do not splash out. Even these dimensions make it clear that you want to start with the XE for the big jump.

Rethinking head

And something clarify these enormous sums: The XE is a complete Jaguar - house development. So the Brits want to forget the built 2001-2009 X-Type, which was actually just a noblerer Ford Mondeo. When XE everything to be different: rear wheel drive, lightweight, sleek lines and a dynamic chassis sound promising. Speaking of Design: Distinctive features include the influences of the larger XF, but also the E-Type Jaguar was chief stylist Ian Callum as inspiration.


Let us turn to the hard facts: With 4.67 meters of XE is a few inches longer than a BMW 3-series, but slightly shorter than the new Mercedes C - Class. When the width of the Jaguar offers 1.85 meters four more inches. The body is made by the manufacturer to 75 percent from aluminum materials, the XE - curb weight starts at 1474 kg. The XE uses the first model, the modular vehicle architecture of Jaguar Land Rover.

Good product liability

The chassis there is a front aluminum double-wishbone design, at the other end to an aluminum integral rear axle provide the promised dynamics. Joining them will be an electro-mechanical power steering. A new feature is the so-called "All Surface Progress Control", ASPC shortly. You should as a set on low speed cruise control work. Even on extremely slippery surfaces it builds from 3.6 to 30 km / h without wheelspin maximum grip on, the driver must ensure press no pedal.

first Aid

Of course it is so far from being done in terms of driving aids. New in XE for example, a laser head-up display, which is designed to provide a sharper display. About a stereo camera on the windscreen of the Autonomous City Emergency Brake Assist works. And not only he, but also the traffic sign recognition and lane change warning. Optional are in XE also great helpers as usual, an adaptive cruise control, a Totwinkelwarner or parking assistant for parallel parking and maneuvering in parking bays available.

The can not be stingy

Inside, you meet an eight-inch touch screen that responds to simple voice command. In addition, can the Jaguar XE to make Wi-Fi hotspot, smartphone users can remotely control various functions, such as air conditioning. Pretty hot is the interim top of XE: The three-liter supercharged V6 Jaguar know friends from F-Type. In the XE S he makes 340 hp and 450 Newton meters, which accelerate the car in 5.1 seconds to 100 km / h. At 250 km / h electronically limited.

Three - liter car with a difference

The other end of the range of engines marked the two-liter four-cylinder diesel. He is also like the two-liter petrol engine in the XE is a member of the Ingenium modular engine family. Impressive are the paper values ​​of 163 hp compression ignition engine. Although it offers 380 Nm of torque, it should come to an average consumption of 3.8 liters, which means 99 grams of CO2. Stronger diesel be submitted, as well as two levels of the gasoline engine. Details on this will reveal Jaguar but only in early October 2014. Fact: The Diesel get a factory manual six-speed gearbox, the petrol one eight-speed automatic. The latter is operated via a large rotary switch like the XF, which runs out at the start.

Patience is required

Even a base price can Jaguar already leaked: At 36,500 euros of the 163 - horsepower diesel starts. In early October 2014, the Jaguar XE will be presented at the Motor Show in Paris, from the summer of 2015, you can admire the car in German dealerships . ( rh )