New Stratos is built

Turin, 9. February 2018

In times of electric cars, Autonomous Driving, and the threat of Diesel-driving, you need banned and a message that warms not simply the heart. And all car enthusiasts elicited a spontaneous joy skip. Here we have one of these messages: The New Stratos is back. Yay!

A small series of 25 cars

Today, the Italian car maker Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) reported that it has received permission to manufacture a small series of the Lancia Stratos-inspired super sports car. 25 copies are to be created. And the in three different versions. Customers have the choice between an everyday Supercar, a GT race car, or – and now your heart may jump a little bit higher – a special Safari rally Version.

The are Involved

MAT-managing Director Paolo Garella was in the year 2010 for the construction of the Original study of the New Stratos responsible, at that time under the flag of Pininfarina. Currently will be taken care of in the case of MAT to the implementation of the totally crazy, to 5,000-HP Devil Sixteen, as well as of the ambitious super sports car Intensa Emozione. Partners of the project, Michael Stoschek, CEO of the German supplier Brose Group. Stoschek had developed the New Stratos at the time, with his son Maximilian.

What you want

The 25 planned New Stratos is to be, and exactly to the wishes and requirements of the customers sold. Say: no Matter whether you want a Stratos to Pose in any precious metropolises, or a car with knobbly tyres and fancy tents Super dampers, you can walk in the woods and dunes, iron – you'll get it.

The base was the Ferrari F430

Ideas Michael Stoschek commented on the new Deal as follows: "I am pleased, if more passionate car lovers can experience the successor of the most fascinating road-going sports car of the 70s with its Design and performance are also today still the benchmark". The original New-Stratos-study is based on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. From the top of the 2008 mid-engine Supercars, the Chassis and the free suction end of the 4.3-Liter V8. In the New Stratos Concept, the unit came up to 540 HP. So it was 30 HP more than the 430 Scuderia. The performance of just 1.250 kilos of serious study even by today's standards is fantastic: From 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, top speed was 274 km/h.

Premiere in Geneva

In 2010, they planned a series of 50 cars, but Ferrari blocked the plans for understandable reasons. The stunningly beautiful New Stratos would have safely reached quickly-put Status. And he would probably have been a lighter, better sports car than the extreme F430 Scuderia – with its own components. Eight years later, these Considerations appear to play no role. Fortunately. As the new Stratos is technically equipped, is still largely unknown. MAT and Stoschek let us know that he will make 550 HP. And that the glorious XXL-door shelves for adequate helmet stowage is retained. For more Details, the manufacturer will at the Geneva auto salon 2018 (8. to 18. March). Then it gives to see the car in all three variants. Probably not only can we hardly wait.(sw)