More than just a few extra chrome trim

Cologne, 23 April 2015

Who wants a premium midsize car, usually buys an Audi A4, a BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class. But the volume manufacturers are now trying to have somehow " more premium ". The Ford Mondeo as the new top version Vignale is the main argument ?? with more than just additional chrome trim. Ford is about to offer customers a holistic premium experience. This starts with information and purchase in the " Vignale - Lounge " at the " personal Vignale consultant " and ranges from special services up to the Vignale - app. The new top model can be ordered from May 2015. The prices are not yet known, but under 35,000 euros should go nothing there.

Only with powerful engines

The increased base price ?? the normal Mondeo has been around from about 25,000 euros ?? results from the fact that the Vignale can only be ordered with the powerful drives. This includes on the side of the 2.0-liter diesel with 180 hp and four-wheel drive and the new 2.0 - liter twin-turbo with 210 hp. Gasoline friends have the choice between the 2.0-liter Turbo with 203 or 240 hp. Finally, the hybrid drive with a 187 hp power system is available, which is the sole engine for the four-door notchback sedan as in normal Mondeo. In addition, Ford offers the Vignale also as a five-door hatchback and station wagon ?? So in all body versions.

Hexagon as a badge

From the outside, the Vignale among other things on the hexagonal pattern of the grille is seen, the lower air intake is painted in high-gloss look. Chrome trim on the doors, on the door handles and rear spoiler and chrome surrounds for the fog lights elements are added, as well as specially designed 18 - inch alloy wheels. Exclusive a nut-brown metallic paint is available. Inside there is an exclusive leather interior with hexagon pattern.

Noise reduction by interference

The standard equipment is not yet known. But all diesel models have an active noise canceling system. Three distributed in the passenger compartment microphones detect the engine noise in the interior. These are then neutralized with oppositely vibrating sound waves by interference. In addition, the passenger compartment is particularly well soundproofed, inter alia, by special window glass. The traffic sign recognition system is in Vignale series. It signals the driver to the current speed limit and no-passing.

Additional quality control

Powerful engines and more equipment ?? which had also been the old Mondeo Titanium. But here's the thing: Everyone is in Vignale " Vignale Centre ", which is affiliated with the production plant in Valencia, Spain superfinished. For each six craftsmen polish as needed after the paint, control the grain of the leather and eliminate any impurity. They are supported by modern laser and camera technologies for check the clearances, or paint finish. Only after some 100 additional tests, the vehicle is released.

Vignale lounge and Vignale App

The transfer takes the "personal Vignale consultant " in a " Vignale lounge " where the customer purchased the vehicle as well. About the consultant, the buyer may later agree, for example, that a service technician picks up the vehicle for maintenance and then returns again. In addition, customers can access a free call center, which takes care of the technical information, appointments, complaints and other inquiries. Even in 2015 appears the Vignale - free service app. It shows the exact location of the parked cars and the time elapsed since the stopping time. The app also helps in locating stations and connects to emergency responders or the call center if needed her.

Even more Vignale

Vignale consultant, Vignale lounge, Vignale app: If that's not enough, you can turn to the Vignale-Collection. The accessory collection draws on design features of the vehicles. For example, the Vignale - Weekender, a leather travel bag, cases for the iPhone or for credit and business cards and matching silk scarves and ties are offered. The Leather Handbag Weekender costs about 850 euros. You is all pretentious? Then you probably do not belong to the target group. "Ford Vignale was created for discerning people who want very high quality ," says vice president of marketing Roelant de Waard. " From the moment in which they first entered a Vignale lounge, they should feel as something special." ( sl)