More than all the stops

Munich, June 10, 2015

To all the super lightweight, super clever and terribly luxurious novelties enumerate that BMW has given its new flagship on the way, it would take probably an own homepage. We try to something smaller space and pathetic now all the BMW - premium sales consultants who need to explain the potential luxury customers the new 7 Series in all its technical scope.

Carbon Diet brings 130 kilos

The most important achievement in the new super-BMW: The corpulence it was powerful to the collar. To 130 kilos if you look at it closely, making the 7 Series adds even 1,725 ​​kilos in the best case. Light is in this segment no and even most 5er you will only look coyly on their flab. The main blame for the carbon expertise, which the Munich engineers were able to acquire at i3 and i8 itself. By a bold mix of carbon fiber reinforced plastic ( CFRP ), high-strength steels and aluminum ( BMW calls the Carbon Core ) alone slims the body by 40 kilos. Stiffer it is, of course, become still. In addition, bring fine-tuning of chassis ( the unsprung masses were reduced by 15 percent ) and insulation weighty savings

Almost autonomously

But the new 7 Series is also become much wiser not only easier, but. Almost scary smart, if you are honest. Good to know: A parking aid had BMWs Big already 1991. 2015 he parked remotely. Pressing the Auto key is sufficient and the 7 runs in (longitudinal) gaps that had earlier robbed you the last dignity during entry / exit. Otherwise, it helps its pilots with a whole armada of cameras and radar sensors in the usual hazards of everyday life. Almost autonomously it is with the new steering and tracking wizard. Up to a speed of 210 km / h accelerates, brakes and steers the 7 Series in principle by itself (hands must still be on the steering wheel and it should give road markings). Even when changing lanes, the system helps by active counter steering to prevent a possible clash with the sides or rear oncoming road users. Finally still maintains an active cruise control catchment. Say: In the future, a single push of a button is enough and the 7 Series into account the current speed limit. Freethinkers can also adjust an overrun to 15 km / h.

More comfort, more sports

Because BMW is still BMW ( some had sheer front-wheel drive and Vans almost forgotten about that), the new 7 Series may also saddle up driving dynamics. A larger spread between comfort and sportiness is the goal, according to BMW. That is why the Dick ship now springs on both axles with air, gets standard adaptive dampers and a new optional ( four-wheel ) steering with variable rack ratio. Quite exotic sounding new electromechanical stabilizers to reduce body roll and a foresighted Fahrwerksregleung that their data from the personal driving style, the navigation system and the stereo camera zusammenklamüsert. Who wants the drivability of the future, the Driving Experience Control on the new must turn " Adaptive Mode". Then there are the modes " Eco Pro ", " Comfort ", " Comfort Plus " and " Sport ".

Also available as plug-in hybrid

We breathe through a bit and get to the 7 Series engines. Preliminary top model is the 750i, which is available only with all-wheel drive. He wears an elaborate cope optimized version of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood, but does as previously 450 hp and 650 Nm. Consumption is projected to decline by more than one liter to 8.1 liters. Fresh from BMW modular engine family is the 326-hp 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline six-cylinder in the 740i. He should make do with 6.6 liters on average. For now, only diesel is the 730d with 265 hp and 620 Newton meters. As consumption give the Munich to 4.5 liters. Brand new and a little later comes the plug-in hybrid 740E. Here make a two-liter turbo gasoline engine and an electric motor integrated into the transmission for 326 hp performance. The E-Range is given at 40 kilometers. The 2.1 liter fuel consumption can probably smoke in the whistle, but for fleet consumption they are worth gold. All engines are equipped as standard with a slightly optimized eight-speed automatic. Whether the new 7 Series for the first time comes in an M-performance version, is eagerly discussed for some time, but is not yet out.

7 Series gets laser light

Externally sets BMWs Chief class entirely on continuity. The new 7 Series looks a bit tighter and elegant, is growing at the same wheelbase by only two centimeters to 5.10 meters now. The long-wheelbase version stretches to 5.24 meters. Some Aero - tricks as the new " Air Breather " on the side of the vehicle or a virtually smooth underbody reduce drag by 15 percent. Abgespaced nice and for the first time in the segment: Optional drives the 7 before the laser light known from the i8. It is designed to provide a high-beam range of 600 meters ( twice as much as the standard LED lights ). Interesting for friends of Haudrauf optics: the first time, the great glider with M - Sport Package. The interior experienced no revolution, so, at least not visually. For this was filmed in terms of use and luxury frills neatly on the decadence screw.

It may be gesticulating

The iDrive control system will now be expanded to include namely touch feature and gesture control. However, Gesturing limited to a few functions as the volume control of the audio system or answering calls. The air conditioning was completely converted to " touch " and an additional charge there is a 12.3-inch, digital instrument display. Speaking of size: The head-up display is now 75 percent more disk spotlight than before. Especially for technology nerds, smartphone addicts or people who love their stove, beautiful: The 7 Series invites the phone now also optionally inductively.

Fond is the luxury hotel

Who orders a 7 Series with a long wheelbase, can upgrade the limousine fund in the future into a true Mecca of pleasantness. "Executive Lounge" is the magic word. Including: reclining rear seats, which not only massage and ventilation, but also provide a "Vitality program". In other words, the 7-seat she now trains. The instructions for training appears on the rear screens. Bubbly sip and aerobics. At the same time. Genial. After the physical exercise a little entertainment? Goes well, thanks to the integrated seven-inch tablets. It controls infotainment and climate, but it can also play movies, serve as a games console or surf the web. And because in the best light everything looks the same lot nicer, BMW has also carved in the ambient lighting on the timpani. Chill has the 7 more light strips as the Allianz Arena in Munich. Also new is a panoramic glass roof with lateral LED modules that shines like a starry sky at night.

From 81,900 euros

All this ?? and yes, it's a lot - happened on October 24, 2015. Then, the 7 Series has namely launched. Prices start at 81,900 euros for the 730d. These are 3,800 euros more than in the past. The 740i starts at 87,600 euros, the top model 750i xDrive costs at least 107,500 euros. The long-wheelbase versions are each 5,800 more expensive. Its public premiere was the Bavarian engineering marvel at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015. Mercedes and Audi are Septmeber look very closely . ( sw )