Holden presents Time Attack Concept

Holden presents a - digital - concept-car, which the Australian division of General Motors celebrates fifty years ago on Mount Panorama Circuit (Bathurst) made his first victory.

The Time Attack Concept is - his name gives it all away - Holden's vision of the future on a 'time attack racer, which is going to drop as quickly as possible lap time. The car is, according to Holden completely digital designed. In fact, the car exists only in digital eentjes and nulletjes.

The Time Attack Concept has a round at the Mount Panorama Circuit (Bathurst) - digital indeed - in 1:29,30 seconds passed. More seemed to come from the air seized numbers: a sprint from standstill to a speed of 100 km/h in 1,25 seconds behind the back. The top speed of this thanks to four digital motors 1.340 hp and 3,250 Nm strong elektroracer: 480 km/h. On paper. Or the creative department of Holden the colossus ever going to build is unlikely.