For the first time with intelligent four-wheel drive

Cologne, May 4, 2015

Ford renovated and built out: Since February 2015, the new Mondeo is on the market, in May follows the revamped C - Max in September and followed yet the S - Max. At its base is built on the solid also in September 2015 to start, third generation Ford Galaxy. In addition to prices, the manufacturer has now also given a new drive concept for the large Van known.

Intelligent four-wheel drive

For the first time the new Ford Galaxy with an intelligent all-wheel drive will be available. The IAWD called system is already available for the series Kuga, Mondeo and S - Max. It monitors every 16 milliseconds and adjusts the traction of the wheels then ?? depending on the grip level ?? the engine power to each wheel.

improved driving dynamics

Especially at low speeds and when starting so the traction to be improved. Moreover, the system at speeds of over 30 km / h real-time data from other vehicle systems such as the chassis, the brakes, the transmission or the power steering, which is to increase the driving stability concerns. In addition, the maximum towing capacity increased to up to 2,000 kilograms.

Wheel motors and prices

The motor force for the all-wheel drive comes from a two-liter diesel engine with 150 hp and six-speed manual ( from 37.360 euro ). Optionally, the IAWD - diesel is also in a power stage with 180 hp along with six-speed dual-clutch transmission available ( from 40,860 euros ).

Other engines and prices

Without all-wheel drive, the new Galaxy is even with a 120 - horsepower diesel ( from 33,960 euros) and a two-liter bi-turbo diesel with 210 hp and a maximum torque of 450 Newton meters available ( from 43.260 euro ). On the Benzinerseite a two-liter top - Otto ( from 36,810 euros ) and a 1.5-liter entry-level gasoline engine ( from 32,810 euros ) related to 240 hp with 160 hp for election . (ml)