Electric school bus for the USA

Columbus (United States), 10. November 2017

Almost everyone knows him from the television: The classic yellow American school bus with a long hood. Legendary is about cartoon bus driver Otto, the constantly stoned Bart and Lisa Simpson to class. Soon need to learn to Otto, because the manufacturer "Thomas Built Buses" from 2019, a fully-electric school bus.

"Jouley" as a new children's favorite

Thomas Built Buses was founded in 1916, since the 1940s, to build school buses in the typical Form. Also versions without the distinctive dome has a Daimler subsidiary in the program. With a market share of currently around 39 percent, is a leading provider in North America. At the beginning of 2019, the "Juice-Liner C2 Electric Bus is coming". Be child-friendly Name: "Jouley". Up to 81 students can transport the new Bus.

Enough to reach for the school

In the case of the school bus of an electric drive makes a lot of sense: space for the batteries is sufficient because, in addition to the "Pick-up" of the children is often slowed and again. Technically Thomas components from Daimler uses: The battery is from the factory 160 kilowatt-hours in size and is enough for 160 kilometers. If required, additional battery modules for longer range.(rh)