VW T4-Caravelle

Volkswagen T4 Caravelle is a van and was produced on the basis of T4 from 1990 to 2003. Contrary to its predecessor, the VW Bus T3, Volkswagen T4 Caravelle built on a completely new concept : The drive unit migrated from the rear to the front and the drive was over the front wheels, unless a four-wheel drive " Syncro " (from 1993) Volkswagen T4 Caravelle was fitted. The Volkswagen T4 Caravelle was fitted very high quality and could be individualized but optional fittings. Similarly, the Volkswagen T4 Caravelle was sold as a family van with two different wheelbases, which implies a capacity of up to 9 seats. For the drive this VW Bus six Otto motors and five self-igniter in the T4 Caravelle were integrated. The power spectrum is thus the base diesel with 60 hp from 1.9 liters up to the top model, the Volkswagen T4 Caravelle 2.8 V6 with 204 hp (Construction period: 2000-2003). At the present time, the popularity of a Volkswagen T4 Caravelle cars continues unabated. Whether this bus has been converted now as family van or with special equipment kits for Motorhome - Volkswagen T4 Caravelle stylized, as the VW Bus T3, a popular used car.