VW Multivan BlueMotion

The Volkswagen commercial vehicles continues to enjoy popularity as an unchanged, so the bus was Geneva Motor Show, the VW Multivan BlueMotion most economical variant of VW presented. Since April 2011, the VW Multivan BlueMotion cars will be delivered. Of Body and Interior forth the 7-seater like any other VW Multivan ' s equipped, small details make the VW Multivan BlueMotion the difference. As the bus rolls on rolling resistance tires leave the factory and has a small, barely visible improvements to the aerodynamics. The biggest difference to his brothers, the VW Multivan BlueMotion on the drive: The TDI common-rail turbo-diesel engine was extensively modified and a few kilograms much easier for so the 114 hp diesel engine of the VW Multivan BlueMotion now consumed per 100 kilometers on average just 6.4 liters of diesel. This corresponds to almost a liter less fuel, compared to the "normal " VW bus. The CO ² emissions could be reduced by these measures from 193 to 169 g / km. Also the standard start-stop system could here make a valuable contribution to the reduction in the VW Multivan BlueMotion.