Compact sports - bargain?

Cologne, July 1, 2015

With 272 hp, it will be the hitherto most powerful production Peugeot. The new 308 GTi is to ensure the competitive segment of the compact sports car for orderly vortex. With a time of six seconds in zero - to - 100 - standard sprint and the succulent power of 1.6-liter four-cylinder Turbobenziners from the Peugeot RCZ R Lion - Dynamicist could not only the VW Golf GTI the fear of God. Whether the compact Frenchman can go to the German class leader it, will show the first tests. In the series, the special equipment and also the price we were able to experience the first big surprises.

Comprehensive standard equipment

The Peugeot 308 GTi has a comprehensive standard equipment: This includes a revised suspension of eleven millimeters Lowering with 380 millimeter brake discs on the front axle, 19-inch alloy wheels and a Torsen differential. A stand-alone grill and two chromed exhaust tailpipes sit more sporty and exclusive highlights. Inside, the front passengers take on standard bucket seats of Peugeot sports field and can look forward to numerous red decorative elements GTI Look.

Special equipment is also available

A list of optional extras, there are also still: So a premium sound system ( 500 euros ), a panoramic glass roof ( 600 euros ) or a rear view camera ( 280 euros ) can be ordered. In addition, seven body colors are available: In addition to the standard colors available, there is the special finish " white pearl " ( 770 Euro ) and " Ultimate Red " ( 770 Euro ). For 1,800 euros, there's the special paint " Coupe Franche ". It consists of a combination of red in the front region of the body, and black at the rear.

Compare the compact sports segment

The compact sports Peugeot can be ordered now. The launch in Germany will take place in early October 2015. The base price is 34,950 euros. He is proud 7,000 euros more expensive than its 273-horsepower compatriot made ​​by Renault. The compact car with the diamond logo is already available from 27,950 euros. In addition, the 308 ranks priced exactly between its performance class enemy, the Golf GTI in the performance version ( 230 hp from 30,400 euros ), and the 300-hp Golf R ( 39,000 euros ). A 250-hp Focus ST can order off 29,100 euros and 32,730 euros will be called at least for a Seat Leon Cupra 280 . (ml)