Closed edge

Cologne, June 25, 2014

The recipe for success in the auto industry currently has three letters: SUV. In Europe alone already chooses a fifth of customers for one of the watered-terrain vehicles, often without all-wheel drive. This segment provides the only between Helsinki and Madrid still fat gains. And one end of this shaft is not in sight. According to a study by IHS Automotive in 2018, according to more than 20 million cars worldwide will be an SUV. In particular, the emerging markets such as Russia and China are almost crazy about cars in this category.

One for all

No wonder then that a global brand like Ford SUV for portfolio continues to expand. For small Ecosport and the Tiguan opponents Kuga in this country joined in the second half of 2015, the Edge. We could take him closer look already. First, the facts: " Edge" is the English word for edge, edge, edge. Since 2007 there is the Edge in the U.S. and other markets, the second generation is all new Ford models designed and globally. Basis for the Canadian-built Edge is the CD platform, on which also the new Mondeo is. Both share the wheelbase of 2.85 meters. With a length of 4.81 meters, the Edge is six inches shorter than the next Mondeo and is roughly at the level of a VW Touareg.

massive type

The other Edge Data: With 1.93 meters, it has come quite wide, the height is 1.70 meters. The empty weight falls US-lush with 1950 kg. Speaking of America: In the United States there is the SUV from the beginning of 2015 with gasoline engines, we Europeans get only a two-liter diesel. Level one makes 180 hp and 400 Newton meters of torque brings to the crankshaft. The standard here is a manual six-speed transmission, CO2 emissions are Ford with 149 grams per kilometer. At 159 grams, it brings level two with 210 hp, 450 Newton meters and six-speed dual clutch transmission. A start - stop system and an intelligent all-wheel drive are always on board.

Help in any position

Technically, the Edge wants to flaunt among others with an adaptive power steering: It changes depending on the speed ratio between the revolutions of the steering wheel and the turning of the front wheels. For a lower noise level, the active noise control ANC should provide. Three microphones register noise frequencies in the interior and contrasting it with opposing sound emissions. Also new is a two-part 180-degree front camera, which aims to improve the overview poor visibility intersections or when leaving a parking. Other helpers include adaptive cruise control with Forward Collision Warning, a Quereinparkassistent, air belt in the rear and a Totwinkelwarner.

Noble sentiments

A first sample in the short seat Ford Edge shows how much one makes an effort to achieve a premium appearance. Although it is still in a pre-production model, convince the materials used. The driver looks at a large speedometer, flanked by two monitors. As with the Mondeo and the facelifted Ford Focus has cleared out the center console. Central functions are controlled via a large touch screen. In the rear, passengers can expect a good space, but you do not sit too high. Over the heads clamped on when needed large panoramic glass sunroof. Striking: The rear doors open very wide and provide a good introduction. The offer of the Edge is exclusively as a five-seater. Ford pride is on the trunk of the SUV: Here are fit a maximum of 1,788 liters, 146 liters more than the VW Touareg.

On the right track

Our first judgment for Ford Edge: On him shows that Ford with his current world car strategy drives a clever way. Unlike the first attempt in this direction beginning of the 1990s, this time is not the U.S. taste decisive, just think of the former Ford Explorer. With Ecosport, Kuga and Edge the brand successful in the SUV sector is well placed, a shortcoming that has for example Opel catch up yet. Whether, however, the Edge can poach in the premium range of Audi, VW and Volvo, remains open. His opponents are likely to be vehicles such as the Hyundai Santa Fe or the Jeep Grand Cherokee majority. The success of the new Ford Edge will however largely depend on the pricing. ( rh )