Cheaper than 3 and co.

Frankfurt, 9 may 2016

The appearance of Alfa Romeos new Middle hope pulled out but still very beautiful to the end. But now is no more speculation: the new Giulia is found in Germany from 10 may 2016 and also prices, as well as engines for the BMW-3 series competitors are finally fixed. In addition to the already known top model Giulia QV with its 510 HP of strong 2.9-liter Twin-Turbo V6 (at prices from 71.800 euros and thus minimal cheaper than a BMW M3) Alfa throws three 2.2-liter diesel with 136, 150 and 180 HP on the market. All three with a six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive are equipped like the QV. For the versions with 150 to 180 HP, also an eight-speed automatic transmission is available.

Not a word about "reasonable" gasoline

For the first time what is from the previously announced 2.0 liter turbo gasoline engine, unclear. It is greatly assumed that some "sensible" gasoline engines will be filed later. Also, a wagon version of the Giulia is likely. Alfa Romeo came up with three trim levels for its new Giulia. In addition to "Quadrifoglio", which is reserved for the top engine option, there's the basic version "Giulia", as well as the variant tailored according to Alfa designed especially for corporate customers and independent "Giulia Super". The Italians already in the basic facilities are anything but cheap. A collision detector with autonomous emergency braking and pedestrian detection, a lane, a cruise control with speed limiter, 16-incher, automatic climate control, Alfas driving dynamics control D.N.A., and a 6.5-inch Infotainment system are always on board. "Giulia Super" rear features include 17-inch wheels, leather-fabric seats, a larger Infotainment system, and parking sensors.

Slightly cheaper than premium competition

The extra amenities include various leather or leather Alcantara interiors, more assistance systems such as a blind spot assist, rearview camera, parking AIDS or advanced Infotainment solutions. Much of this can be found in the three additional equipment packages "Sports", "Assistant" and "Business". Alfa Romeo new Giulia with the 136-Horsepower diesel costs at least 33.100 euros. The 150-Horsepower diesel engine is to have from 34,100 euros and 180-Horsepower diesel there is the only in the "Giulia Super" equipment from 38.150 euro. The eight-speed automatic transmission can pay each with 2,250 euro Alfa. Comparison, the Jaguar XE with costs 163-Horsepower diesel at least 36,800 euros, the 150 HP strong BMW 318 changes hands from 34,800 euros and for the 136 HP of strong Mercedes C you must shell out 200 d at least 36.533 euro. (black & white)