Charlemagne Small

Rüsselsheim, January 15, 2015

At the unveiling of Opel's smallest model ensured two things for attention: First, the unusual name Karl. Secondly, the promise of Karl will start at € 10,000 under. Now the brand with the base price of starting in June 2015 city car is pushed out.

even more compact

But we first consider other facts. The Opel Agila Karl replaces the. Opposite this is the Karl six inches shorter (3.68 meters) and eleven inches lower (1.48 meters). However, there are 2.38 meters over two inches more wheelbase to create similar spatial relations. The five-door always Karl weighs 939 kg, when loaded to the roof to fit 940 liters of luggage into the back. However, a 60:40 rear seat umklappende series until the top equipment.

With three case

The only engine in the program is the one-liter gasoline engine with three cylinders and 75 horsepower. This suction equipment is an offshoot of the turbo - machines with 90 and 115 hp in Adam and Corsa. When Karl, the power is routed through a five-speed manual transmission. Optionally available for 250 euro charge an Eco package with aerodynamically optimized front lip spoiler and roof spoiler. Included are also low rolling resistance tires. Total should therefore decline to 4.3 liters of consumption.

For special requirements

Three facilities are available for the friends of Karl: Selection, edition and exclusive. The Karl Selection starts at 9,500 euros, but without air conditioning. In the package with a radio therefor 850 € will be charged. As standard, the Selecton has a hill start aid on board. In the edition version a smoother city mode for power steering and cruise control with speed warning included in the price. Even more luxury, the "exclusive ". Here the customer finds from work before a radio with six speakers, USB plug and Bluetooth setup and the so-called functional package. It also includes a lane assistant and fog lights with cornering. Otherwise € 325 to be called. In general, the extra charges for extras are moderate: For 250 Euro there are parking beeper back, with € 395 proposes the combination of seat and steering wheel heating to book. As an Opel spokesman said on demand, there will be only a limited range of options for Karl Selection for the edition, however, almost everything is available. The Exclusiv get up close to a full equipment. Opel it was important that Charles wrote a simple for customers and dealers charge system.

Climate? Forget it!

Where is the competition? First of all: All base models in Karl-class forgo air conditioning. The more violent the 11,855 euros for a five-door VW Up to 75 hp. 9,690 € Suzuki calls on the new Celerio with 68 hp, a PS less, the Hyundai i10. He starts at 9,950 euros. Slightly weaker than the Opel Karl is also the 69-hp Fiat Panda. It costs 9,490 euros with almost the same amount, but is often offered as a still cheaper special model with air conditioning. Cheaper than the Agila (in base even without air ) Charles is, however, already, namely 1,285 euros . (rh)