BMW X3: All the info for the new edition

Munich, 26. June 2017

The most beautiful gifts you make yourself. At least, when it comes to BMW. In 1992, 25 years ago, the group announced the construction of a plant in the USA. Today, the plant in Spartanburg, with a capacity of 400,000 cars per year, the largest factory of the group. In addition to the X3 there is also all the other X are manufactured models with the exception of the X1. What is there to show as the successor to the current X3 for the first time publicly in Spartanburg?

Increase in length and wheelbase

Time it is, because of the current BMW X3 has been the case since the end of 2010 on the market. Competitors such as the Audi Q5 and the Mercedes GLC are significantly younger, with the addition of new rivals such as the Jaguar F-Pace. Let's look at the new X3 so: Visually, he mixes elements of X1 and X5, while the lateral line remains familiar. In summary, one can say that in the future, up to 55 kilograms lighter X3 loses its angularity, but not wild design pivot. Interestingly, the dimensions are: The length grows to five inches on 4,71 meters, in the same scale, the wheelbase has increased to 2.86 metres. Because the trunk volume is 550 to 1,600 litres, unchanged, is likely to come from the increase in wheelbase to the rear. On request, the rear can sit more stages, and are individually adjustable in incline. The folding breakdown is always a 40:20:40.

Options in Excess

Similar to the majority of the BMW-series will be available in the X3 to market in the fall of 2017, three model variants to choose from. "xLine" offers standard cloth/leather seats in the sport version and silver Details to the body. The new "Luxury Line" should ensure that the factory chrome Grill and leather interior, while the "M Sport" Spoiler, a sport braking system with blue calipers and the optional painting "Phytonic Blue" for attention. We said just optional? As usual, the price list invites you to let off Steam in the Configurator. Possible Extras include a three-zone automatic climate control, the seats from the 5 series and 7 series known Display key, ventilated leather, and acoustic glazing of the side Windows. A variety of assistant with steering intervention, or the control of vehicle functions by means of Amazon Echo. Not to forget the sport suspension and adaptive damper control.

18 inch factory

This point brings us to the chassis of the new BMW X3. Standard now are 18-inch alloy wheels, up to now, the SUV started at 17 inches. According to the above 21-inch marked in the factory border. All for Europe laid down X3 have a four-wheel drive, was designed, according to BMW rear-wheel. Only for Overseas markets, there will also be X3 models with rear-wheel drive. If terrain should be asked qualities: The ground clearance is 20.4 inches, and fording depth of 50 centimeters. Angle of approach? The front of 25.7 degrees, the rear of 22.6 degrees. The ramp angle is specified by BMW of 19.4 degrees.

Extra Strong Six-Cylinder

We take a look at the engines: For the market introduction of three units to choose from. Little Surprises of the xDrive 20d, the power remains unchanged at 190 horsepower. With six cylinders, the xDrive 30d scores: Instead of 258 HP, there are now 265 HP, with maximum torque grows to 80 to 620 Newton-metres. A real Premiere is the X3 M40i with the well-known three-liter gasoline engine under the hood. So far, the 35i marked the summit, the 360-HP M40i trumped by 54 HP. When you torque the announcement of 500 instead of 400 Newton meters. In 4.8 seconds, the M40i pace to reach 100, at 250 km/h, the Super-X3 is limited.

The smaller diesel will follow

A little later, two four-cylinder gasoline engine with two liters of displacement, with which BMW has the demand in China and the U.S. in view of the consequences. The X3 xDrive20i supplies an output of such as had 184 HP, only the torque, there is an increase of 20 Newton metres to now 290 Newton meters. 8.3 seconds for the sprint value is, the top 215 km/h. sounds like an interesting Alternative to the Diesel, unless the fuel consumption of 7.2 liters can be realized. 7.4 litres of 252 HP X3 xDrive30i, replacing the 28i with 245 HP slurps. As standard in all models an eight-speed automatic, switching friends.

More expensive, but more amenities

Empty the Bank account of the X3 is not-lover. It's the first of 47,000 euros for the xDrive20d, a 18d, we have to do without. Series is not only the above-mentioned automatic, but also a Parking aid front and rear. Equipment, the difference is adjusted so to the old model 690 Euro. Until December 2017 X3 to customers, but the variable sport steering and the required torque equitable distribution called "Performance Control" order, which again 400 euros in addition to the extra. The new Flagship model, the X3 M40i, costs 66.300 EUR. In comparison to the competition, the X3 xDrive20d is located approximately in the middle, the prices of comparable vehicles to move between 46.400 euros (Audi Q5) and 48.660 Euro (Jaguar F-Pace).(rh)