A class of its own

Vienna, 11 January 2017

Never change a winning team: according to this motto Golf and Seat Leon at the recent facelift received a barely modified optic VW. Even more surprising is that now very different fare the also successful Skoda Octavia: he gets a very different front. We were at the unveiling of the lifted model in Vienna and have let us explain as Skoda sees the changes.

Greater optical independence

The reason for the amazing Designbruch explains Skoda Chief Designer Jozef Kaban as: "when you're young, it is satisfied if it is considered member of the family. But if it is then greater, one wants to be perceived as an individual." Kaban what wants to say is: Octavia should rapid a pronounced autonomy compared to the smaller and the larger superb. Succeeded. Octavia looks after facial surgery serious part than ever before. Yes, the four eyes face reminiscent of in fact the old Mercedes E class (W212). But in person the car looks better than on the first official pictures of which, Kaban was not even thrilled, as he says.

USB ports, storage info and more

Skoda at the Octavia has improved technically. Development officer Christian Santiago especially the infotainment highlights: "My children will be delighted by the USB ports in the rear," he says. About this you can charge smartphones and tablets. In addition, a box for flat plug, for example for a notebook found (as previously). Front there is a 9.2-inch touchscreen with touch buttons in the maximum expansion stage of the system. A SIM card for the automatic emergency call (eCall) is at all Octavia on board, the better equipped cars, there is also a SIM card slot for Infotainment functions. So now the satellite images from Google maps on the screen can be or real-time traffic information. Also, there is now an enhanced mobile connectivity and remote access to the car via app.

The park assist brakes now available

Adaptive shock absorbers (DCC) and LED headlights are among the further technical innovations. A trailer manoeuvring helper, a pedestrian detection for the anti-collision system and a dead angle detector with cross traffic Wizard are added at the assistance systems. The parking Assistant not only directs, he also slows down and prevent such dents on the car of HANDIQUE.

Spoilt for choice: Combi or sedan?

Still, the Octavia Combi and sedan is offered. In Germany, the Combi in the 60/40 ratio is preferred. He is clearly the more practical version. Fit in the trunk of the sedan while impressive 590 litres that are only 20 liters less than the Combi. However, after flipping the rear seats there are (possible now from the rear via flap) 1,740 litres instead of "only" 1,580 litres in the normal Octavia here. Another advantage of the combis is the flat trunk entrance at the limousine you must lift heavy cargo for loading and unloading. This is probably well worth 700 euro extra charge. Especially since you have no downside when parking, because the Combi is no centimeters longer than the sedan (4.67 meters).

From 86 to 230 HP

As engines four Turbo petrol and four diesel are offered, also a natural gas version. All-wheel drive and twin-clutch gearbox there as previously optional. 1.2 TSI with 86 HP follow on the initial version of the 1.4 TSI and the 1.8 TSI with up to 180 HP. Later to (similar to the VW Golf) also the new 1.5 TSI are offered. Stand on the diesel side the 1.6 TDI and the 2.0 TDI with up to 184 HP. The RS model with a 184 HP strong 2.0 TDI or a 2.0 TSI with 230 HP., spearhead sports These follow the bourgeois Octavia but only with a few months delay, and the prices were not yet announced.

Prices between 17.450 and around 47,000 euros

The new Octavia will be at dealerships beginning March 2017. A price list does not exist yet, but can you put together his Octavia by configurator to already on the Skoda Web site. The prices start at 17.450 euro, the most expensive engine 36.160 euros. Fully equipped, the car breaks through the 45,000 euro sound barrier already. In Germany, almost 60,000 Octavia were sold in the year 2016, the numbers were compared by 2015 approximately constant. Germany is the second most important Octavia market, ahead of the Czech Republic's home market, but far behind China, selling about twice as many Octavia.

The active info display comes

A class of its own: The model claim for the Octavia what there is in. Because as the Octavia offers incredible Interior at competitive prices. Skoda has now added in the infotainment. What is missing now is the chic active info display alias virtual cockpit. Octavia but after that should receive information by Skoda in the current generation at a further appreciation of the product. (sl)