A car for the working Nomad

Brühl, 27 October 2016

Plane, rented accommodation or Café: Digital work nomads move from table to table. Nissan now shows how the Office can be in the future even more flexible. In cooperation with the British designers of the Studio Hardie, the automaker turns its electric van e-NV200 in the world's first mobile office with electric drive.

From the computer to the coffee machine: all

The e-NV200 workspace offers all the amenities one would expect in the workplace: A fold-out desk is also onboard Wi-FI, a touch-screen computer, a charging station for smartphones, which replace not only the classic phones in the rolling Office, but that also the LED lighting can be controlled. The facilities include a Bluetooth audio system and a mini fridge. Not missing must of course a coffee machine. The Nissan s NV200 offers for all with its volume by about 4,200 liters of space. A panoramic glass roof and ground illumination will change their coloring via a Smartphone app, should provide a good sense of space.

Hot desking on the rise

The concept vehicle paints a picture, the future of work might look like. The so-called hot desking, in which several workers across different work times share a desk, is on the rise worldwide. Just small businesses and self-employed workers often look for alternatives to the expensive Office in the city centre. The rent for an Office in a city like Frankfurt am Main approximately 444 euros per square meter, over 13,000 euro are already at 30 square meters. To get the shuttle costs – a monthly ticket for public transport costs an average of 110 euros in Germany. Rolling offices such as the e-NV200 workspace might be an alternative.

Low kilometre costs

Also the mileage is much less expensive than usual due to the electric drive: the power cost is just 0.03 euro per kilometer, so Nissan. Also, users in some cities benefit from free parking including loading possibility. Who has had enough of the city, can move his Office without any problems on the coast or in the mountains. The range of the vehicle is up to 170 kilometers. A quick charger can recharge the lithium-ion batteries in about 30 minutes to 80 percent. During the charging process, the driver remains mobile: specifically, the transporter has a mounting option for folding bikes. (sl)