2017 will be costly for driver

Munich, 29 December 2016

The new year brings some legal changes for the German drivers. It is considerably more expensive in some places. The Automobile Club Mobile has put together the most important changes "in Germany".

Driver's license

Already at the driver's license you must Access future deeper in the Pocket. The theoretical exam 11.90 euros in the future instead of 11,00 euro so far. 10.60 Euro are due for the now usual test on the computer. The practical car test will cost €91,50. The practical motorcycle test increased to 121,38 euros.

Main examination

An ordinary increase is planned in the main study. Here the rates of 35 on 54,86 euro rise. Reason for that are the emission measurements, which will again be made to the tailpipe as the on-board diagnosis is not reliable enough.

Cell phone use behind the wheel

Your smartphone may not be used at the wheel is nothing new. Due to the distraction of the driver, the fine is increased but now from 60 to 100 euros. The use of tablets, E-book readers and video goggles is prohibited in the future.

Gasoline prices

Gasoline prices will rise is expected again. The big oil States on a reduction of the flow rate have agreed after a year of cheap for motorists. You can see the first episodes already at the end of the year. The time where to get diesel to the part under a euro a liter is probably over.

Traffic light control

Cyclists on cycle paths had to please so far the pedestrian traffic lights if there was no bicycle traffic. From 2017, the same light as for the driver of the car is now. This means for car drivers: even red footbridge a cyclist may be therefore so eyes on the right - and left-turning.

Salvation alley

In a traffic jam on the motorway the ambulance and the police better get away with, you should form an emergency lane. Since it has rarely worked there from 2017 now a fixed rule: jam or pace a street needs to be made between the extreme left and right of the adjacent track. The emergency lane also in addition to the left lane (and not in the middle) must be made in roads with 3 or 4 tracks.

Tempo 30

Despite the claims after tempo 30 in the city, it remains in the general speed limit of 50 km/h. But Tempo-30-Zonen may now often be directed to accident black spots such as schools, nursing homes, or kindergartens.

Higher fines abroad

Who's driving in the Netherlands or Italy, have to pay higher penalties from January 2017 for traffic violations. In Italy, for example utilizing mobile phone without a hands-free kit will cost up to 650 euros plus withdrawal of driver's license for up to two months. The latter is equivalent to a driving ban in Italy for German car drivers. Also the phone can be indented. In Paris, a fine, who is with an older car (before model year 1997) within the Beltway of the city threatens the from 2017. (sl)