Motorcycle with second skin

Lubaczow ( Poland), November 27, 2014

How nice to have a motorcycle with tattoos! Determines hand painted on the paint. Definitely makes sense, after all, are not a few bikers art on his own body. Wait a minute: real tattoos on real leather? Now the whole thing begins to be very interesting. Therefore, very slowly, in order: The idea for the special motorcycle had the Polish company Game Over Cycles of Lubaczow close to the border with Ukraine.

bad boy

The machine is called " Cheyenne Bike", named after the German manufacturer of tattoo equipment and machines. Official struggle Name of the bike is "The recidivist ", which translates as " The recidivist " means. In fact, some of the tattoos allude to the trouble with the law, has many a rocker. Turning first to the technique of " recidivist ": The base is a Softail model of Harley - Davidson, of which only the Twin Cam 96 engine and were left parts of the frame. All other Game Over Customs has modified. So there are the rest of the frame and swingarm C-shaped profiles. Other changes include the lamps, the front suspension and steering, to name just a few.

Brushed on riot

Crucial is the look of the battle machine. To remind you of the life of the postwar bikers, as we know from movies with Marlon Brando or James Dean. Therefore, the mount of the rear lights are reminiscent of brass knuckles, front calipers handcuffs, while the lever for the brake and clutch take up the shape of butterfly knives. Also on board is a so-called "Suicide Shifter ", in which the pilot must take to turn a hand from the handlebar. The tailpipe again reminiscent of a tattoo including needles that move when starting.

Criminal on cowhide

When viewing the finished result is likely some people ask the question, with which the leather motorcycle was purchased. Man, of course not, that goes without saying. Instead, they chose specially impregnated, bright leather, which looks similar to human skin. In a total of 250 hours, the two Polish tattoo artist Thomas Lech and Christopher Kolak raged out of the machine. On offer are weapons, cigars, vodka bottles, but also scenes from the prohibition era. Some designs depict a story, about the front wheel: bank robbery, arrest and attempt to escape from prison. The only color images are elements of playing cards. Anyone who wants to look at some of the other motorcycle in Germany from the area, can make from 5 to 7 December 2014 on the Custom Bike Show in Bad Salzuflen. (rh)